Today's world of soft furniture is so wide and varied that an ordinary person sometimes can not make the right choice. In the exhibition halls, you can see samples of models of various domestic and foreign companies offering all sorts of elements of soft products. All of them look attractive and colorful and many of us succumb to this trick and choose the products of an incomprehensible manufacturer. And some, for the long-established old habit, make their choice in favor of a foreign manufacturer, despite the fabulous price and in time bitterly regret it. They just do not know that those times have already passed and rumors about poor-quality domestic furniture have become fables. Ukrainian furniture companies have long been present in world markets and in many respects surpass similar foreign manufacturers.

However, it should be recognized that there are still dishonest manufacturers in the domestic market. Therefore, one of the options for the correct choice is upholstered furniture to order.

Interia Company Services

If we talk about services, then this is, above all, excellent service. The customer is available full information about the capabilities of the company, the materials used and accessories. In addition, he is provided with the necessary advice and advice when placing an order. The client is free to choose almost everything, from the dimensions of the model and its design to the texture and color of the upholstery fabric. In addition, practical advice from the specialists of the Interia company for the care of upholstered furniture will be very important and actual.

The company's warranty obligations will be very important for the customer. For all products, Interia gives a one-year warranty with free service.

Sofas from Ukrainian manufacturer

Everyone knows that the sofa is the main element of upholstered furniture. It can be found everywhere: in offices and cafes, reception rooms and studios, and of course in any of the rooms of our home. And what is especially pleased, more and more often it is the products of the domestic manufacturer.Divans of Ukrainian producers successfully conquer the domestic market of Ukraine, replacing imported analogues and well press them on the world markets. And very important is that such magnificent sofas are made by our compatriots.

Such a great popularity of this product among consumers has every reason. Ukrainian companies, such as Interia, have been working for European standards for a long time, using only high-quality materials for their models and keeping up with the times for their design and aesthetic design.

A good example of such products from Interia is Divan Cover. This is a representative of the classic direct sofa superior. Such a sofa at the same time with high comfort will be able to decorate the office of the highest boss or representative apartments.


The brightest representative of this company's products, having a modern design and design, is the Picasso modular sofa. It is made according to the new fashion trends and will make it possible to easily change the interior of the room.


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