Interesting facts about distant Canada

Canada is a terrific country, and this can be seen by studying the information about it. In addition to boring "dry" data, you can find many interesting facts, and the most unusual deserve your attention!

Some general information

Canada is a large country located in North America. In the north-west and south, the country is bordered by the United States, in addition, it has water borders with France and Denmark. Interesting facts are in the general information, because Canada is recognized as the second largest state in the world. At the same time, the length of its borders is the largest on the whole Earth, and this is impressive.

Canada is a constitutional kingdom (monarchy) and has a parliamentary system. In the state, two languages ​​are considered to be the main ones: English and French (both are officially recognized). The capital of the country in question is Ottawa. The population exceeds 35 million people.

Canada has several characters. So, the legendary and world-famous maple leaf, as well as the state breed of horses and beaver, are considered national.But there are also unofficial symbols depicted on the coins: the polar bear, the caribou deer and the black-throated loon.

The most interesting

So, interesting facts about Canada:

  • From the Indian (more precisely, the Iroquois) language, the name of the country is translated as “village” or “village”. The first settlers, who came to the territory of the future state several centuries ago, asked local Indians where to go. Those pointed to the nearest village, and as a result the whole territory began to be called that.
  • There is a small, but rather long, curved Canadian island called Sable, and sailors are very afraid of him and are called "ship eaters." The fact is that, due to several different currents, this section of land moves fast, and this led to more than 350 shipwrecks (these are registered cases, probably more). But now the island is equipped with a lighthouse, and there is no disaster on its territory.
  • In Canada, there are many large cities, and each of them is an important center. So, Montreal is considered the focus of fashion, French culture, as well as high-tech and innovative inventions. Ottawa is the political and official capital.Toronto is the center of finance, the stock exchange, trade relations, and English culture. Vancouver is considered to be the main headquarters supporting economic ties with the Asia-Pacific region. Oshawa is the heart of the automotive industry, the best seafood in Halifax, and energy reserves in Calgary.
  • Despite the fact that the area of ​​Canada is more than 25 times larger than the area of ​​Japan, the population of this state is about three and a half times smaller than the population of the country of the rising sun. And most Canadians live in a relatively small and narrow area bordering America. The rest of the territory is practically unsuitable for living, as it is located in the arctic zone with a harsh climate.
  • Enumerating non-standard attractions, you can include in the list of street Street, the total length of which exceeds 1890 kilometers and is currently the largest in the world. It appeared for a reason: Canadians were very inspired by the fact that their state has the longest border and the longest coastline. To fix all this and once again focus on the length, the residents decided to build such an amazing street.
  • Separate attention deserves nature.Canada is called the country of lakes, and the number of reservoirs in it is really huge and ranks first in the world. It is thanks to this that the state is considered the third in terms of the volume of fresh water resources (20% of world reserves are located here). There are more than two million lakes in the country, including small ones. And they occupy about 9 percent of the area of ​​Canada.
  • Canadians have a special attitude towards polar bears. First, such an animal is depicted on coins. Secondly, in the northwest of the country the registration marks are in the form of a polar bear. Thirdly, in the town of Churchill there is one unwritten rule: residents leave their cars open so that anyone who meets a predator can hide and avoid trouble.
  • The fauna of Canada is amazing and diverse! Thus, the territory has more than 15 thousand polar polar bears, as well as more than two million reindeer. Beavers also live here, and they are very hardworking, as evidenced by the longest dam built by these animals found in Canada, the total length of which reaches 840-850 meters. There are also reptiles here, and their accumulation can be seen in Winnipeg: in the mating season not far from this city tens of thousands of snakes scurry about, resembling a huge moving tangle.
  • In Canada, there is something to see, and there are many unusual places. So, it was on the territory of this state that the first worldwide platform was constructed, intended for landing ... unidentified flying objects. It is located in the city of Saint-Pole, but it is not known about the cases of the arrival of a UFO, but about 10% of the inhabitants of the country claim that they have seen “flying saucers” at least once in their life.
  • Canada is considered to be the most educated and intelligent country in the world, because almost half of the indigenous people have higher education. And this trend is largely due to a competent policy: on the territory of the state there are systems of grants, scholarships, as well as preferential lending. But they all apply only to residents of Canada, that is, permanent residents with citizenship.
  • Canada for several years in a row is included in the ranking of world countries and leads in such important indicators as life expectancy and its level. And for sure Canadians are quite happy with their homeland.
  • The country is the third in the world in oil reserves. But at the same time, the reserves of this liquid fuel are spent extremely rationally, since,If you believe the data provided by OPEC, in terms of oil production, Canada is only the fifteenth place in the world and produces no more than 2% of the fuel extracted annually from the Earth.
  • Surprisingly, Canadians are leaders in ... donut use! And this is very strange, because such a fact is completely not combined with the education of the population, since usually these confectionery products are considered to be food of not the most intelligent people. But this is true: the annual consumption of donuts per capita in Canada is higher than in any other country.
  • In Toronto, you can see a very unusual monument dedicated to dumpling. And this once again proves how reverently Canadians relate to food.
  • One of the country's famous national dishes is called “Putin.” It consists of fried potatoes flavored with cheese. The emphasis in the title falls on the last syllable, but the similarity with the name of the Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin does not give rest. And many use it for their own purposes: on the signs of some institutions one can see slogans like this: “We have the most delicious“ Putin ”, which is not even in the KGB”.
  • Every year on the banks of the city of Nanaimo there are races on ... baths! Yes, these improvised vessels are supplemented with oars and motors, they descend into the waters of the Pacific Ocean and rush forward.
  • In Canada, there are several unusual prohibitions. Firstly, the transportation of alcoholic beverages from one province to another is illegal. Secondly, the distribution of comics in which there are scenes of committing crimes is strictly prohibited in the country.
  • The state respects and supports local musicians, so at least 35% of Canadian performers should be played on local radio.
  • Although Canadians play well in hockey, other sports are also not alien to them. So, basketball appeared in this country.
  • About 20% of the country's inhabitants came to light beyond its borders.
  • If you study telephone directories, you can come to the conclusion that the most popular Canadian surname is Lee.

These were the most interesting facts about amazing Canada. Now you know more about this country.

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