Interesting facts about our intestines

The digestive system is a complex and very important mechanism of our body. Every day she performs an enormous amount of work, so that we get the nutrients from food that are necessary for normal life. The intestine in this chain plays a significant role. And today we will share with you interesting facts about his work.

Amazing truth

The colonization of the intestine by bacteria begins exactly from the moment of birth, more precisely, from the moment of passing the child through the birth canal. Bacteria living in this body have a common name - “intestinal microbiome”. Recently, scientists from all over the world are studying it very closely for one simple reason: this very microbiome has the property of influencing the whole organism.


Those who suddenly became concerned about the constant rash, dryness, peeling, the appearance of eczema, should carefully reconsider their diet. Such external manifestations are a consequence of what is happening inside the processes.

And often so the intestine signals the problem - food allergies. Try to exclude allergenic products from the menu, and in many cases it will help to say goodbye to trouble.


In our body, everything is interconnected. Intestinal microbiome is an important barrier to the entry of harmful substances from the blood into the brain. In addition, 95% of serotonin - the hormone of happiness, is located in the intestine, because it is produced by the cells of the latter. And the mood and well-being of a person largely depends on serotonin.


The liver and intestines are two filters of our body. This fact is known to all. Harmful toxins, metabolic products of the metabolism, hormones get first into the liver, and then move on along the digestive tract, from where it is much easier to get them out.

If the intestinal mucosa is damaged, it can lead to serious liver diseases and even disruption of its structure. In this case, the usual fabric is replaced by a non-functioning connective.

The weight

A diet in which infrequent guests are vegetables and fruits not only leads to constipation, but also the appearance of excess weight. This is explained by the fact that fiber is necessary for normal peristalsis and intestinal cleansing.Therefore, a balanced diet is an important component of the proper functioning of the internal organs, and a beautiful body.


No wonder supporters of proper nutrition periodically arrange themselves unloading and cleaning days. The intestine contains the largest accumulation of lymphatic tissue, which produces lymphocytes responsible for fighting viruses entering the body.

And in order for the immune response to be strong, the organ must work properly.

Need recharge

To good bacteria was enough, you need to periodically replenish their stocks. It is especially important to do this after antibiotic therapy. You can do this by using:

Scientists confirm that we know too little about the capabilities of our intestines. After all, many problems can be avoided by identifying their cause in time. Be healthy!

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