Interesting films about animals for young children

If your child loves animals, then he probably loves to watch movies about them. And which deserve attention? Let's figure it out!

So, which children's films about animals are the best? We offer top 10:

  1. Charlotte's Web- A wonderful children's film about animals, about their friendship and that the differences are completely unimportant. On the farm live a variety of animals, and some of them are truly amazing. These include the Wilbur pig. He seems completely ordinary, but in fact very clever and capable of much. And the farmer’s daughter knows this very well, so she treats Wilbur as her friend. But the pig turns into a pig and very soon should be on the dinner table. Unfortunately, people do not understand the language of animals, so they do not know that Wilbur is special. Fortunately, he finds a new friend - a spider, Charlotte. She really wants to help, but does not know how yet. And yet the solution is: Charlotte uses his web.
  2. "Beethoven". The protagonist of this film is not a world-famous composer, but only a dog, or rather a little puppy, who was very lucky. He could have died on the street, but he was in a large family who decided to shelter him. Mother Alice and kids Emily, Rice and Ted immediately fell in love with a new pet and found a common language with him. But the head of the family, George, frankly, did not like the dog. Still: he became just huge and loved to play the mischief. And yet, when Beethoven gets into trouble, all the household members rush to help him. But will they be able to prevent the implementation of the insidious plans of the villain who decided to appropriate the dog to himself?
  3. "The history of the dolphin". This touching film is definitely worth seeing. Once a boy, Sawyer, walking along the beach, finds a wounded dolphin, thrown ashore by a wave. Fortunately, the doctors managed to save the animal, but because of a serious injury, it lost its tail. Without a tail, a dolphin, nicknamed Winter, can not be full and swim in the sea, so life in the wild is out of the question. Winter is very sad, although Sawyer is always there. And it was the faithful friendship that helped the dolphin to regain happiness and freedom.The boy asks for the help of a genius biologist, and he creates a prosthesis for Winter. But can a dolphin learn how to use it? With the support of friends necessarily!
  4. “Thoughts of Freedom”- This is a film not only about animals, but also about how they can change people. The protagonist boy Xan, along with his father on one of the highways of South Africa, find a cub of a cheetah, whose mother was killed by a lion. Dad allows his son to take the animal to be raised, but with one condition: when the animal gets stronger, Xan must let him go free. The cheetah got the name Duma and became a true favorite member of the family. But time passed, the Duma grew stronger, and the father reminded the boy that it was time to let the beast free. Suddenly, Dad Ksana dies, and he goes to his aunt together cheetah, which he decided to transfer to the reserve. But this was not destined to come true, so now the Duma can only go into the wild. The path of two friends lies along the delta of the river and salt crafts, literally at every step they are in for trouble. But mutual support and friendship will help overcome all obstacles.
  5. "Pelican". Listing the kindest films about the incredible friendship between man and animal, it is worth mentioning this one.The death of his wife knocked the main character out of a rut. He locks himself in, locks himself in a room and does not want to communicate with his own son Janis. The boy feels lonely, because only a cross remains from his mother, and his father turned away. Once, selling cheese, Janis accidentally finds an unusual chick in a boat, which he barters with the owner of the vessel for a cross. The chick was a pelican and got an unusual nickname Nicostratos. He became for Janis not only a faithful friend, but also a source of income, because tourists who were photographed with a bird for money were pulled to the island. Accidentally, Nicostratos knocks down a bus. The guy believes that his friend is dead, and is experiencing hard loss. But my father regretted the bird, decided to save it, and even found the meaning of life. So an ordinary pelican not only brought a man back to life, but also brought him closer to his son.
  6. "Cats against dogs."And what if our pets are not really as carefree and stupid as it may seem at first glance? What if dogs and cats are not dreaming about delicious food, a soft pillow and a kind owner, but about power and domination? It seems impossible, but in fact things are that way.One day, an eccentric professor makes a discovery that upsets the balance of the power of our smaller brothers. And dogs and cats are known to be long-standing enemies, and therefore they do not intend to divide this world. But who will win in this difficult struggle? Sly and arrogant cats or also devoted and strong dogs? The battle will be very difficult, and an important mission will have to perform inexperienced puppy Lou, who will do everything to prevent a catastrophe, or rather Kotostrofu.
  7. Born in the Sands- this is the film of the Disney film company about the horse and its incredible devotion. In Arabia, there are legends about magical stallions that appear from sand, wind and night sky. To meet such a horse is almost impossible, and it is considered a great success. If you believe the ancient legends, these racers live far from people in the heart of the desert. Once the girl Nira was lost in the wilderness, away from people. And she would surely have died if she had not met a black foal. He takes the girl home and saves him. On the way, Nira becomes attached to her companion and calls him Shetan. But will the heroine be able to keep a friend, if he is a real magic horse,born in the sands and recognizing only uninhabited deserts?
  8. "Girl and Little Fox". Once Lulu decided to take a walk in the woods and noticed a little fox on the path. She was not scared and tried to approach the animal, but he ran away. Lulu started coming to the same place every day to see the little fox again. Winter is coming, but the girl continues to hope to meet and look for her friend. One day, she notices traces and decides to follow them, but sees a wolf, is frightened and falls into a ravine. Due to a leg injury from a fall, Lulu spends most of the winter at home. But she does not lose hope to meet a little fox. Spring comes, and the girl again goes to the forest, where she sees the grown fox with her family. Thus began an incredible journey that allowed Lulu to get to know nature and the animal world more closely. The girl really wants to bring a friend home, but can a wild beast become a home?
  9. "Lassie". If you are looking for a picture that can be viewed with a child, then select this one. In the story in a small town in Yorkshire lives a very poor family. The money is barely enough to feed, and so the father decides to sell the thoroughbred collie Lassie to a rich earl.But the dog was not just a pet, but a real friend to the boy Joe. Unfortunately, the decision has already been made, and Lassie goes to her new home. She misses a lot, as does her master and Joe’s loyal friend. Collie repeatedly tried to escape, and several times she succeeded, but she again found herself in the county. The new owner moved Lassie to Scotland, but even there she did not cease to grieve. Such devotion is not understandable to all people, but still there are those to whom the fate of the dog is not indifferent.
  10. "Dr. Dolittle". The main character of Dr. Dolittle has everything: a successful career, two wonderful children and a beautiful spouse. And he is about to make a deal that will make him rich. And everything would go according to plan, if once this man did not discover in himself a gift that he had once managed to appreciate. He discovers that he understands animals and may even respond to them. And it radically changes the life of a doctor. Now his house is filled with animals that chase him everywhere and beg for help. But how to help everyone, if there are so many who want? But in addition to the treatment of sick animals, Doolittle needs to take care of herself and her family and work. But it's simply impossible to deny all these sweet little animals with such plaintive eyes!
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