Is tar soap effective for hair and skin?

Modern specialists in the field of beauty and health have increasingly begun to return to the old and good proven skin care and hair care products, recalling the forgotten, but very important and effective gifts of mother nature.

A huge variety of new products and chemical inventions in the beauty sphere, as we would not like, do not particularly save from very common and painful female problems with hair and skin: loss, dandruff, irritation of the scalp, inflammation and pimples on the face.

But the properties are amazing

Although we share all these troubles in different camps and fight them with various means, but all this is connected with skin malfunctions, which cope with this uncomplicated and unremarkable tool - tar soap.

Despite the nondescript appearance, which is somewhat similar to ordinary domestic soap, as well as a very specific smell, many girls and women agree to use tar soap, especially those who have already tried its effect on themselves.

In addition, this most specific smell perfectly confirms the most that neither is, the natural origin of the means, it, by the way, does not remain on the skin after application, and if the soap is kept in a closed soap box, then the problem of its smell spreading around the apartment is quickly solved.

The main component of soap is birch tar, the rest is ordinary soap without perfume and preservatives, which is very useful for our skin in any case.

No wonder that in Slavic mythology it was birch that was considered one of the most praised and revered trees, it was the medicines derived from it that were considered the most useful and valuable.

The view of the soap is not very pleasant

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of tar soap is its insecticidal effect, but its scope is extremely wider: it is very successful in dealing with acne and is great for hair care.

The cosmetic effect that this remedy has for the skin will pleasantly surprise you, the main thing is not to forget that, like any means of traditional medicine, it can hit you with its effects not immediately, but only with time.

The first noticeable improvements you will find after a few weeks using tar soap,but the course of treatment will take you 4-6 weeks, after which you should take a break for approximately the same duration.

The fact is that such a soap with long-term use dries the skin, so it needs to be allowed to rest from such an unusual therapy for it.

By the way, those who have too dry and sensitive skin, and are also prone to allergic reactions, should still refuse to use tar soap.

It is believed that such a tool can not be used in cosmetics, as it often causes all sorts of irritations. It’s not like that, just all people are different, and there will definitely be those for whom such soap will not work, but it can also happen even with the most expensive and advertised cosmetic.

There are always pros and cons, so until you try, you will never know if you should take advantage of such gifts of nature.

What it consists of and how to make tar soap?

The simplest thing is to go and buy it at the nearest pharmacy. But for those who are not looking for easy ways, we will provide instructions on how to cook it yourself.

For this we need tar and ordinary baby soap.We rub it on a grate, and then send it to a water bath, wait until all the soap has dissolved, add 2 tablespoons of tar in it, knead well and let cool until 40 °, then pour it into forms. For full hardening, he needs to brew for a week.

The main properties of tar soap

  • Tar soap has received its therapeutic and prophylactic properties due to the presence of an impressive list of useful abilities. Firstly, it stimulates well the flow of blood to the surface layer of the epithelium, which improves the process of nutrition and hair renewal, contributes to their enhanced growth and strengthening. In addition, this tool is effective in various inflammatory processes, as it easily relieves inflammation, has antiseptic properties and even heals small wounds, abrasions or cuts.
  • Another important property of miracle soap based on birch tar is its ability to fight fungal diseases, which is why it happens, is prescribed for depriving, seborrhea and other skin diseases. In addition, it solves another very common problem of many men and women - dandruff.
  • And the last, well-known, property of tar soap - it is an effective remedy for lice, and all this amount of pleasant utilities can be obtained at a very reasonable price, which every person can afford.

How to use tar soap?

If you are puzzled with a problem with hair, then it is important to remember that when using this miracle cure, it is impossible to allow its direct contact with the hair.

The point is: the soap itself must be thoroughly foamed right in your own hands and applied in this form on the scalp. Thoroughly massage your hands with your head for 5-10 minutes, and then wash off all with warm water.

By the way, if you have never used anything like this before, then, most likely, your hair will in its own way perceive a new way of washing your head: accustomed to soft cosmetics, after using tar soap, they can become lethargic and non-volatile.

A very cleanser

It is absolutely normal, to mitigate the effect of the “transition” to a new tool, after washing with tar soap, you can use your usual shampoo or mask, after a while your hair will become accustomed to a more rigid means.

On sale you can find shampoos with birch tar, which are often used because of the impossibility of using soap. This shampoo can be prepared by yourself, for this you will need 100 ml of ordinary (the simplest, with a minimum amount of dyes and preservatives) shampoo for normal hair and 1-2 tablespoons of birch tar. Pour the ingredients into one container, mix them until a homogeneous mass is formed, and then use it as a regular hair wash.

Regular use of it will soon convince you of his abilities: hair becomes much more luxuriant, it shines and shimmers, gets rid of all sorts of problems and skin diseases. Based on the numerous testimonials of girls who tried to determine by their own example whether tar soap helps, you can make a positive conclusion that will convince you to go for your first piece.

If you decide to deal with problem skin, then the most common way is the usual daily washing with such soap. But it is much more effective to make special masks: we apply thick foam from the tar on the face, hold for 10-15 minutes, then wash off. Repeat the procedure 1-2 times a week.

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