Izospan AS for under-roof insulation

This membrane has a high vapor permeability required for quick discharge of water vapor from the heater. Izospan AS - 3-layer vapor-permeable and windproof membrane with good water repellency properties used for optimal protection of roofs, internal and external facades, as well as load-bearing walls that are covered with insulation .

The key feature of Izospan AU is the possibility of laying it directly on the insulation, thereby avoiding spending on the device of the surface lathing.

This is explained by the absence of the need to leave the ventilation gap between the heater and the membrane.

Among other things, Izospan AU can also be used for interior wall finishing, as well as for insulation of attic floors. The last option, I must say, is unavailable for materials with a different marking.

In addition, a superdiffusion membrane is able to provide a heater with a much longer life span, compared to simple waterproofing films.

Which material should I choose?

If you would like to save money and look at the membrane of another company, just read the reviews on the technological Isospan AS. Most likely, after them you will radically change your own point of view.

Unfortunately, the lifetime of single-layer membranes in most cases is short, which is fraught with the beginning of problems with both the heater and the design in general.

If you want protection from the damaging effects of moisture and wind does not turn into an empty sound, we recommend you to choose a product from a well-established company!

What Izospan choose for laying under the metal? According to experts, it is Izospan AS, and in addition, Izospan AM is the best option for laying under the metal-tile coating.

This is due to its 3-layer structure, which eliminates the ingress of moisture on the insulation layer and, as a result, its penetration to the metal building material itself.

Roof waterproofing using Izospan AS can protect not only insulation, but also the roof itself from the onset of corrosion due to the destructive effects of the environment.

The installation process of Izospan AS

Despite the fact that the crate on the surface when using Isospan AS is not needed, the windproof film still needs a “fulcrum” - fasteners, which should be chosen in accordance with the house facing and the method of installation of insulation.

The membrane must fit to the insulation quite tightly in order to avoid the so-called "acoustic pops" and other unpleasant consequences arising from the sagging of the material.

If waterproofing and wind protection are really necessary for roofing, Izospan AS should be mounted using 4x5 counter-rails on screws or nails.

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