Jenna Devan was jealous of Channing Tatum to Katie Holmes

Being the wife of a sex symbol is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, everyone is jealous of you, and on the other, you have to live in constant tension, because every other woman in the world dreams of your man. Jenna Dewan also failed: recently, she and Channing Tatum announced a divorce after twelve years of relationship, nine of whom had been married. From the side it seemed that the couple was doing fine: the actors spoke of each other only with tenderness, and on the red carpet they showed love and adoration, in whose sincerity no one doubted ... But, as the source said, the tension in family life of Chen and Jenna has been growing for a long time - primarily because of the popularity of Tatum.

Publication from Channing Matthew Tatum ♡ (@handsomechanningtatum)Jan 20, 2018 at 7:03 am PST

“Jenna had a hard time, especially when Channing was busy shooting the Dangerous Quarter, in which his partner was Katie Holmes. Jen used to watch the phone hour after hour, waiting for Channing to finally be free and call her.She felt vulnerable, and it was difficult for her not to get jealous, because Kathy is an amazing woman, and Chen is a big fan of flirting with ladies ... Plus, he is also in principle charming and sweet with everyone around him, ”the insider shared. He also added that a great role in the parting of the couple was also played by the successful career of Tatum: the constant attention that surrounded him made Jenna feel aloof from her husband.

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