Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in the Passengers trailer

Do not miss the trailer of the film, which we will watch in the New Year holidays, the fantastic Passengers film by Morten Tildum. A space ship with 5 thousand passengers on board makes a flight to another planet. The journey time is 100 years, so everyone awaiting arrival is immersed in artificial sleep. However, not all: due to the failure of the system, two (Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence) suddenly wake up and realize that they will have to spend the rest of their lives — namely 90 years — together. And this is not the only problem for the couple - there are serious problems on board that can lead to a catastrophe ...

Well, judging by the trailer, we are waiting for action in the spirit of "Gravity". Plus, the new partner Jennifer Lawrence looks no worse than Bradley Cooper, with whom we used to see her on the screen, and Michael Sheen from “The Masters of Sex” as a robot is incredibly convincing. This movie definitely should not be missed!

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