Jennifer Lawrence cannot recover from the theft of her nude photos

In 2014, hackers cracked celebrity phones and posted hundreds of photos on the Web that were not intended for public viewing. Among the victims was Jennifer Lawrence. The actress was then very worried that the pictures would be seen by her father, and called the incident "a heinous sexual crime."

The pictures, by the way, in the era of reality TV and Instagram did not surprise anyone much, they were forgotten the very next day, but Jennifer herself, as it turned out, still cannot recover from the incident. “I'm very shocked,” she admitted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “As soon as I understood what was happening, the security service immediately contacted me. But everything happened just lightning-fast and reminded of the situation with the demand for redemption. New pictures were laid out literally every hour. ” "A lot of celebrities have suffered from burglars," recalls Jennifer, who has not been found in social networks since. - And many of them immediately began advising me to file a lawsuit against Apple.But is it really the case? The court will not return to me peace of mind, will not reverse the theft of my photos, will not return them to me and Nick - the only one to whom they were intended. Nothing can be changed. "

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