Jennifer Lawrence played Russian spy

Meet Dominika Egorova, a former ballet dancer, and now a FSB officer and a “sparrow” (professional seductress) - ruthless, dangerous and changing appearance not less effectively than the Faceless in the “Game of Thrones”. The 20th Century Film Company FOX shared the first trailer for Francis Lawrence's Red Sparrow, filmed for the 2013 best-selling eponymous Jason Matthews. The movie starts from the moment when the heroine Jennifer Lawrence waits in the hotel room of the client, which she must handle. We paid attention to the TV screen and a wad of money, which he leaves on the bedside table, but still we hope that the picture will do without annoying cliches.

Also in the movie "Red Sparrow" you can see Joel Edgerton, Charlotte Rampling, Sergey Polunin and Jeremy Irons (in our box office - in April 2018). By the way, the picture may be the last for Jennifer Lawrence: this week the actress admitted that she wants to take a break in his career.We hope the timeout will be short!

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