Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez gave a frank interview to Vanity Fair

It is rumored that Alex Rodriguez is about to make Jennifer Lopez a marriage proposal. And after the first interview for Vanity Fair - as well as almost a wedding photo shoot! - You can no longer doubt the couple’s serious intentions. Let's find out that interesting lovers who compare themselves - no less - with modern Marilyn Monroe and Joe di Maggio, told the publication. We have selected the most vivid, in our opinion, quotes:

Jennifer on the first meeting:

“I could pass by, but confidently approached him, lightly touched my shoulder and said:“ Hi. ” I was after the shooting and looked like a boy - short hair, jeans, Timberland boots. "I, - Jennifer" - I introduced myself. He looked at me and replied: "You are very beautiful."

Jennifer on the first date at the Bel Air hotel restaurant:

“He put on a white shirt, looked courageous and self-confident and was very - just incredible - talkative! He was not interrupted, so I listened.I listened about plans for the future, the end of his baseball career and the desire to marry again - these topics are usually not spoken on the first date! Although ... I was on a date, but maybe he did not think so ... Then I noticed that he was terribly worried, because he asked if I would like to drink. I answered that I did not drink. And he asked if I would mind if he ordered something to drink for himself. He was really very nervous. But it was very nice. "

Alex about the first date:

“Yes, I was not sure that we have a date. I thought maybe she just found a window in the schedule and decided to meet me in a friendly way. This uncertainty scared the hell out of me. It was hard for me to believe that a guy like me is sitting next to the most beautiful and most famous woman in the world. I could not even realize it. Three or four times she made a hint that she was free at the moment, but I still could not stop worrying. I needed to calm down and gather my strength. I went to the toilet and from there wrote her a text message "You're sexy." When I returned, she was just reading it. We laughed, and all the tension between us disappeared. ”

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