Kacher Brovin from 220 volts

Kacher Brovina is a demonstration invention, very similar to the Tesla coil, but made in a completely different way. Kacher generates a voltage of about 1000 thousand volts, can light fluorescent lamps and gases in flasks, he also sparks and you can play with them since the frequency of the voltage reaches 250 Hertz and the current passes through the skin of a person.
 Kacher Brovina from 220 volts
For the manufacture of the device we need a little details, namely: 1. A choke for fluorescent lamps or a transformer mains winding. (preferably 100 watt) 2. Diode. (I took the 31DQ104L, preferably more than 2 amps, with a margin) 3. Ceramic or film capacitor labeled 105 (1 microfarads) at 400 volts. 4. Two 50 kΩ resistors. and 10 kΩ. (you can use variable resistors) 5. Two zener diodes. 6.1. Field effect transistor, suitable IRF740, IRFP460 and many others. (maximum voltage of 350 V) 6.2. Bipolar transistor (if there is no field) transistors are ideal for construction workers. 7. Cooling transistor and choke. (cooler and radiator) 8. Copper wire 0.10mm - 0.25mm 9.Mains wire (preferably in isolation) 10. Plumbing pipe 5cm - 11cm in diameter (small 2.5 can be, but the effect will be worse)
 Kacher Brovina from the 220-volt network
Where to get what?! A diode can be taken by almost anyone, and they are in many circuits, most often at the power input as a diode bridge (if it is critical you can try for 1 amp, but if it is heated, then it is better to change) Capacitors should be on the boards of the TV and power supply boards of various devices. Zener diodes are most often also in the power supply. Resistors are complete in all boards, and if there is no necessary nominal, then you can connect them in series or in parallel. Wire is in transformers, in the network coil. (primary) Field-effect transistors are difficult to find and just drop out (available in a power supply unit, and better buy), so you can take a bipolar transistor from a TV that stands near a horizontal transformer. As a result: TV is best suited as a donor or power supply unit. Just do not forget that you can replace all the elements with other elements and don’t supply 220 volts, but less and get the same, but sparks (streamers) will be less. First we wind up the secondary and primary coil.With thin wire we wind over 1000 turns. The more turns and the larger the diameter of the pipe, the better the effect. It is very important to wind the coil to the coil, without overlaps and in one layer. After the end we wind the coil with adhesive tape or varnish it. If this is not done, then she can unravel and all your efforts - in vain. (This is a secondary coil)  Kacer Brovina from the 220-volt network
The primary coil is made around the secondary from the mains wire. (5-15 turns) Here you can not neatly, but for the sake of aesthetics you can try. It is necessary to reel in the same direction as the secondary reel.
 Kacer Brovina from the 220 volts network
Then we collect the scheme. I put everything together in a canopy, since there are not many elements and it makes no sense to make a fee. The transistor will warm up, so it must be screwed to the radiator, it is advisable to place the cooler on the choke so that it does not heat up much.  Kacer Brovina from the 220 volt network Solder coils to the circuit and turn on our kacher in the socket.(220v) If nothing has worked for you, then you need to swap the conclusions from the primary coil. (The one with the thick wire) When everything worked, you will see sparks that the wire from the coil lets out. You can touch them! And other iron objects.
 Kacher Brovin from 220 volt mains
Kacher Brovina from the network 220 volts
You can also put something iron on top and increase coil power!
 Kacher Brovina from a network of 220 volts
Ifl bring an ordinary light bulb to Kačerov, we will see a beautiful plasma in the lamp, as in the plasma ball. (Caution lamp heats up and may burst)
 Kacher Brovina from the 220-volt network
At a short distance, fluorescent lamps and gases in flasks should come on.
 Brovin Kacher from 220 volt
 Kacher Brovina from a network of 220 volts
Thank you all for your attention.If you have any questions - write in the comments. Plans to create a singing kacher with a chopper, but you need materials for this, but there are no funds for buying them.

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