Knit crochet poncho by spring, diagrams and description

Knit crochet poncho by spring, diagrams and descriptionThe poncho is a large cape in the shape of a rectangular piece with sleeves and a hole for the head, which can be used both as outerwear and as a beautiful outfit in the room.

This fashionable thing appeared in Latin America and immediately gained popularity, especially for fat women, because it perfectly conceals the shortcomings of the figure. Every year designers present knitted models in their collections. Every girl can learn to crochet.

You need to have just a drop of patience and a little diligence. Well, you want to try to tie a tracery poncho? We offer you a crochet instruction for beginners.

About crochet technique

Let's first learn how to hold the hook. You can take the instrument by "cheek" with your thumb and forefinger, as shown in the picture.

The second way is even easier. Hold the knitting needle like a regular ballpoint pen. Decide how comfortable you will be.Knit crochet poncho by spring, diagrams and description

The basic knitting terms you need to remember are the air loop and the connecting loop. The air loop is the basis of the first row. Make a working loop and drop it on the hook. Now thread the hook in the loop from left to right. It should be under the working thread. Turn it
to yourself, so that it will form a crochet. Now pull the hook through the loop to the other side. That turned the air loop.

Threads vary in thickness and density. Choose them carefully, because your poncho will depend on them. It is best to arm with soft threads of medium thickness, they will not break up during operation. Well, now you can safely begin to create a poncho.Knit crochet poncho by spring, diagrams and description

What we need:

  • yarn of two colors (approximately 300-500 g)
  • hook number 4
  • large eyelet needles for connecting parts
  • scissors
  • good mood and positive attitude

Master Class

  1. You need to tie the flower boxes. Do not be afraid, nothing complicated about it. Knit a chain of twelve air loops. Connect it to the ring with a connecting post. Look at the diagram below. It shows how to knit a flower. Follow the diagram.Remember that we always start a row with an air lift loop, and end the row with a connecting loop.Knit crochet poncho by spring, diagrams and description
  2. Did you do it? Now we need to knit a mesh pattern. Below is a diagram. The backrest always fits from the top down. Type 137 air loops with a hook and follow the pattern. Before knitting as well as the back.Knit crochet poncho by spring, diagrams and description
  3. Now we connect the details. Use the pattern assembly product. You need to sew two halves.
  4. We proceed to create the neck. Tie the chain with air loops. The number of loops must be multiple. The crochets knit from left to right, passing one loop of the previous row. Outer edge tie a contrasting thread.

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