Kristen Stewart will try himself as a director

“Filming will begin this summer, but for now I’m trying to finish the script. I want to take on the role of a spectacular character Lydia: I have plans to create, damn it, the best female image in the entire history of cinema. I would love to play the main role myself ... But no, I will not do that, ”said Stewart. She also added that she loves all the works of Yuknavich, including novels, but her memoirs seem to be something more personal, besides, they have a lot in common with Lydia. “I knew that we were of the same blood, even before our acquaintance. And from the very first moment we began to communicate on an equal footing, without a share of competition with each other. Lydia is an absolutely amazing person in terms of what she could do with her experience and what she managed to turn her pain into, ”explained Kristen.

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