Learning to put mustard plasters

At the first symptoms of a cold or flu, most of modern humanity goes straight to the pharmacy, where it is trying to acquire the latest inventions in the field of pharmaceuticals in order to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of a cold as soon as possible.

In fact, everything is correct, however, few people know that it is not always worthwhile to poison your body with the help of various chemical tinctures and antibiotics, sometimes they leave such a trail of consequences with which it is even more difficult to cope with than a common cold.

You can buy at the pharmacy

To get rid of a strong cough or a runny nose, most often, it is very difficult, annoying bouts and the constant desire to blow your nose simply makes you crazy, does not allow you to work and calmly go about your business. This feeling is familiar to everyone, is not it?

But how to help the patient? How to get rid of constantly accumulating mucus on the surface of the bronchi? Everything is real in a fairly short time, and ordinary mustard plaster can help you cope with such cold symptoms, the very ones that in your childhood you were put by your mother or grandmother.

It turns out that not everything that is new is better, and everything that is old is irrelevant and ineffective, it turns out that such a simple and inexpensive means can save the patient from serious cough and a bad cold in 5-7 days!

Try to cure yourself with some syrup or drops, even the most modern ones! Gorchichniki - an excellent and inexpensive tool that allows you to improve the patient's well-being, while not affecting his body with other, completely unhelpful and even harmful substances.

There and then there is a question, and how correctly to put mustard plasters, in fact the majority of the given process saw only in the deep childhood or used services of the nurse, and how it to make in house conditions?

In spite of all the harmlessness of its components, the mustard plaster can still harm the human body, so the main rule here is to pursue - not to overdo it!

Most often, this remedy is used for severe cough, runny nose and headaches, as well as some heart diseases, increased pressure and angina.

Immediately it should be warned that mustard with a calm soul can be put only when the increased body temperature is completely asleep, and after that has passed, at least 24 hours.If you put them at a temperature above 37 °, then the body can cause serious harm.

What are mustard plasters?

Mustard plasters - one of the most common medicines that can be purchased at any pharmacy, in addition, they can be prepared with your own hands. It is quite simple to do this: for this, dry mustard powder is mixed in equal proportions with starch and some warm water is added.

It should be a mass, which in texture will resemble the dough, put it on thick paper, and cover with the usual gauze and let it dry for a while. Usually, this method is used only in cases where there are no ready mustard plaster on hand, and their price allows you to purchase this drug directly at the pharmacy. There they are found in two forms: sheet and laminated (with cells).

Children put carefully

Sheets are a solid paper base, which is covered with a special mustard adhesive solution, however, they are used quite rarely, mustard plasters with cells are more popular.

They represent a dense sheet of laminated paper, which is divided into 2 or 4 pockets, in each of which dry mustard powder is distributed.The convenience of this type is that they can always be cut into several sections and used separately, for example, on the chest and on the legs.

Operating principle

Surely, the question arises, but at the expense of what they are so effective? It turns out that after contact with warm water, they begin to release the essential oils that are contained in mustard powder, this can be immediately felt by a specific smell.

Due to this, the recipes of the upper layer of the epidermis are irritated, the blood vessels are actively expanding, and the blood flows directly to the organs under the mustard plaster.

That is why it is important to know exactly where you need to put medicinal paper bags in order for the treatment to be carried out correctly and efficiently.

  • With bronchitis, pneumonia and a strong cough, mustard plasters are placed on the back between the shoulder blades;
  • When tracheitis - on the upper part of the sternum. With a strong cough, you can constantly alternate the place where the remedy is applied - either on the back or on the chest.
  • For headaches and runny nose - applications are applied to the back of the head and the base of the neck.

How correctly to put?

The whole process is quite simple: the application must be lowered in a horizontal position in warm water for 10–15 seconds in order to activate the production of essential oils. Then set it on the selected area, from above you can put a terry towel or any other warm fabric, for example, a bike, to heighten the effect.

That's how they look

We cover the patient from above with a warm blanket or a veil and check for 5-15 minutes. The patient must constantly control his feelings: if the mustard plaster does not warm at all, it means that it does not work, perhaps its expiration date has passed or the water was too cold. Keep the application should be no more than 15 minutes before a burning sensation and redness of the skin.

You should not overdo it, because you can get a burn of the skin, especially mustard plaster should be put to children who have very delicate and sensitive skin.

For small children (under 1 year old), such applications can be put on for no more than 5 minutes, in the following order: gauze folded several times, mustard plaster soaked in warm water, towel. Children older gauze can be laid out in a single layer, but the degree of heating must still be controlled, with reddening already removed.

After the application has been removed, it is necessary to wash off the remnants of mustard powder from the skin with a wet towel, and then smear it with vaseline or baby cream. It is important to remember how often they can be put: experts say that no more than once a day, and for sensitive skin, perhaps every other day.


Unfortunately, no matter how miraculous the drug in question is, it still has its contraindications, in the presence of which, it is not worth it.

These include: pregnancy and lactation, tuberculosis, unhealthy skin, allergic reactions to mustard powder, pulmonary hemorrhages, malignant tumors, and high body temperature.

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