LED lighting. New time - new technologies

Incandescent lamp has served man for many decades. However, nothing stands still. Together with the rest of electronic technology, lighting with LEDs has entered our lives. In essence, today this technology is the most promising in domestic, industrial lighting, and outdoor advertising technologies.

Let's see why using LEDs is more profitable than other types of lighting fixtures. The main reason is energy saving. The efficiency of LEDs is ten times higher than that of classic incandescent lamps, and also higher than that of fluorescent fluorescent lamps. Moreover, light-emitting diodes make it possible to obtain an initial stream of light energy with different emission spectra of a directed type. If the light energy from conventional sources is scattered on reflectors and light filters, the LEDs will emit a directional beam of light of the desired color - red, green, blue, and many other colors.

For example, LED modules are increasingly used in outdoor advertising design. In Moscow, LEDs are used both in outdoor advertising and in the interior of bars and clubs. Even with the installation of traffic lights now use LEDs - they are not only more reliable and economical, but also visible at a greater distance. Directional radiation initially red or green is more noticeable than the signal of a traditional traffic light. In the life of many people in our country, you can also see LED lamps.

The second reason why LEDs are used is safety and reliability. The service life of an incandescent lamp is limited - primarily because of the presence of a tungsten spiral, which, in the end, burns out. Fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps contain mercury, cadmium, and some other dangerous substances. And in the conditions of winter cold these lamps will not work quite correctly - there will be problems with starting the lamp due to the low temperature of the gas in the flask.

But LED devices show themselves from the best side - they last longer, and fail less often, and do not cause problems in operation.Yes, and harmful substances in its composition does not contain. In addition, the radiation spectrum from the LEDs is much closer to sunlight than, say, lighting from an incandescent lamp and, especially, from a fluorescent lamp.

Finally, the third reason is the usability. Since LEDs are semiconductor devices, their operation can be controlled using automation without any complicated additional devices. LED strips in Moscow buy more and more. They are used for signage, household lighting, for the New Year holidays, making garlands. By the way, the familiar video screens along the streets are also made on the basis of LED technology. No other lighting device provides such space for a designer as LEDs.

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