Life hacking that everyone should know

I suggest you heed a large collection of useful tips that are guaranteed to simplify the implementation of a wide variety of tasks, and which we all have to do from time to time.

Use clips from hangers to keep food bags closed

If the zipper on your jeans always tries to unbutton

Freeze grapes and use them instead of ice in drinks.

To simultaneously warm up the food in two drinking bowls, simply do as shown in the photo above.

A great idea for turning a baby cot into a table when the children have grown up

To clear the clog in the sink, pour half a glass of soda and half a glass of vinegar into the sink of the kitchen sink.

To accurately make holes for any particular thing, just make a photocopy of it and attach it to the wall.

To get rid of unpleasant smell, put tea bags in shoes

Insert the blue rod into the red pen, because nobody needs the red pen and nobody will steal it

Put the phone in flight mode and it will charge twice as fast

Put old newspapers on the bottom of the bin, they will absorb liquid from food

Any food warms up faster and better if you make an empty space in the center.

If you have problems with the sharpness of the camera of your smartphone, try to glue the lens with transparent tape

To quickly cool a bottle of beer, wrap it with a paper towel, then soak the wrapped bottle and put it in the refrigerator, or preferably in the freezer

Use a clothespin as shown above to keep your fingers away.

Use a can opener to open rigid plastic packaging

To make the pizza fresher, heat it in the microwave with a glass of water

To make invisible scratches on furniture, rub them with walnuts.

Option lamp in nature

To quickly smooth out a battered T-shirt, rub it with several ice cubes.

In order not to break your nails, push the key ring with an anti-stapler.

How to quickly and easily peel a banana

To cool something, use a frozen sponge soaked in water in a bag, it will cool and not leave wet marks.

If you are not comfortable eating noodles out of the box, then you can simply arrange it as a dish.

Get rid of the pellets on your jeans with a razor

How to make the perfect sandwich

Before going to the beach, add important things such as: keys, money, telephone, into a bottle of shampoo or sunblock. So you protect them from sand and moisture, and hardly anyone wants to steal a bottle of shampoo or cream from you.

To easily clean a boiled egg, add a little soda to the water before cooking.

Put a wooden spoon on top of the pan, and if its contents decide to run away, it will slow down this process a little.

Plastic lids with cups, can be used as cup holders

Put clothes in the boxes vertically so you save a lot of space.

On trips, the smartphone can be recharged from the usb-input of the TV

To quickly clean a boiled egg, clean it on one side, and on the opposite side make a small hole, in which the egg will simply blow out of the shell.

Use a plastic bottle to easily and quickly put yolks on protein.

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