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Lily Allen Interview

JSP talks to Lily Allen about that blog entry and gets the insider track on how the star feels about having kids – just days before news broke that Lily was to become a mother for the first time.

JSP Tell us about that bit in your MySpace blog in May of last year, when you
said you were feeling miserable?

[Sighs.] I did feel really, really awful, but I think I was just unhappy. I was quite sad and just really lonely and felt misunderstood. I felt like people were writing stuff about me that just wasn’t true. I felt like I became ‘rent-a-gob’ as far as the media was concerned, and I felt a bit rubbish about that. But now I’m in a really happy, peaceful place. I couldn’t be further from that little, sad person that I was back then.
As you become more famous, do you find the lack of privacy problematic?
I used to read the tabloids, but I don’t any more.
So, when you see magazines like Heat and Closer and First, and they’ve got arrows pointing towards sweat stains and stuff like that…
I refuse to put make-up on just because the paparazzi are on my doorstep. I find it morally wrong. I’m just walking to the fucking shop! I don’t see myself as a role model; people should look to mothers and sisters as role models.
I think that’s one of the problems with Kate Moss…
She’s a fucking clothes horse. Deal with it!
What sort of stuff do you care about?
I really care about the young people of this country and where Great Britain will be in 30 years’ time.
What about the way the government demonises young people who break the law? I think it’s really awful how young people are made to look like the enemy. There is nothing for them to do here! People are having kids too young and nothing’s being done about it.
Does it make you think, ‘I only want to have a kid when I can devote a lot of time to that child?’
I’d like to be a young mother, although not too young, and I’d like to be able to live in a nice place that’s got a good catchment area for the schools.
Are you still going to the gym?
Yeah. My trainer’s great; he’s called ‘the Body Doctor’. I do 90 minutes, twice a week. It’s not really about losing weight, it’s about getting all the blood running around my body. Because I smoke so much, I feel like I might have a heart attack soon.
What about drinking?
I’ve actually gotten really into drinking in the daytime now. [Laughs.] No, I went up to the Cotswolds and had a pint at 11.30am. You know, I stuck my Barbour on and walked down to the pub. There was no one there. Just me. I sat outside in the garden reading the paper with my pint. It’s such a good lifestyle.

This is an edited interview, to read the full interview with Lily buy the February issue of Marie Claire, out now.

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