Lingerie for seduction: 11 sexy brasiliano

With just one piece of clothing you can create a sensual and very sexy image.

Beautiful and luxurious underwear does not happen much! This statement can be safely considered the rule that does not require evidence. The larger your collection, the easier it is to come up with another seductive image of yourself and the easier it is to admire yourself and your attractiveness. For women's self-esteem, by the way, this is very important. So, on the agenda we have not cute cotton sleeves, but far less universal Brazilians. In them, your ass will look especially appetizing!

Photo: Women 'secret press service

In the first place in sexuality is the option of a completely transparent lace or mesh. The colors, of course, should be “special”: mustard, cherry, terracotta, mint - the more unusual, the better. The most interesting options were found in the fresh collections of Oysho (this, by the way, is our favorite), H & M, Kiabi and Bustier.

But the designers Agent Provocateur, Victoria’s Secret and Defile decided to go a completely different way.They relied on original details and decor. The first ones supplied their Brazilians with a huge scarlet bow, the second ones decorated the panties with lacing, and the third ones were clearly inspired by the “forbidden” theme of BDSM.

In addition to the classic silhouettes of Brazilian panties, there are variations on the theme. The most memorable of them can be called a wide lace belt. Models of such a silhouette this season appeared in the collections of Incanto and Etam.

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