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All women are conventionally divided into two groups: some prefer lipstick, and others - lip gloss. But there are those who do not use such cosmetics or have not yet decided on the choice. Therefore, consider the facts about these products to help make a choice in favor of one of the means.

Lipstick history

The history of lipstick is very long. The first such cosmetics originated in the days of ancient Egypt. Invented her in the role of jewelry for women. Women of Egypt were crazy about this makeup, so even they were put with it, sending it to the afterlife so that they could be attractive there too.

At the present time, lipstick acts not only as an element for decorating the exterior. Now this cosmetics has healing functions. It moisturizes the skin of the lips, protects from the negative effects of environmental influences. Thus, the requirements for this tool have grown a lot. Close attention is now paid to the composition. Lipstick of high quality should be composed of wax, fat, natural oils.

Lipstick has a rich history, which begins 5 thousand years ago.During this time, she has changed a lot.

With the assortment of lipstick now there are no problems. There are glossy, matte, shiny and not shiny, mass and luxury products. Lipstick is considered one of the favorite types of cosmetics among women.

Pros and cons of lipstick

Consider the pros and cons of modern lipstick. Let's start with the benefits:

you get the shade you need;
the palette is diverse;
There are glossy and matte products;
lipstick moisturizes and nourishes lips, gives protection from negative factors;
nutrition and hydration will relieve peeling and cracks;
lipstick and contour pencil correct the shape of the lips.

Lip Gloss Lipstick

As for the shortcomings, they are:

a regular tinting of the lips is required;
flows at high temperature;
prolonged use of a bright shade makes the natural color of the lips lighter;
a pencil is required;
Appears peeling and dryness;
rolls down;
leaves traces.

History of lip gloss

The history of lip gloss is not as rich as that of lipstick. It appeared only in the 18th century. But in popularity and fame is not inferior to anything. In the 19th century, women used a variety of oil mixtures in the role of brilliance.But such a composition was not popular. It was only in 1932 that the first brilliance was invented in its current form.

It also has a function of decoration. But the goals of brilliance are different. It was conceived as a means for adding volume to the lips. Visually, he makes the lips fuller, hides minor flaws and gives a natural look.

The consistency is not the same as that of lipstick, but here the main role is given to the composition. Usually gloss of high quality is produced from oils, vitamins and moisturizing elements that make up for protection from ultraviolet radiation.

The first shine appeared much later than lipstick, but this did not make it less popular today.

Today, manufacturers include in the composition of the gloss dyes, which helps it to become noticeable on the lips. But it looks natural. Because of this, it is often considered a rival to lipstick.

Pros and cons of lip gloss

Lip gloss, too, has pros and cons. Consider the benefits:

ease and ease of application;
suitable for natural makeup;
gives the image of tenderness;
does not "consume" the natural color of the lips;
moisturizes lips;
gives them volume;
protects from the sun;
has a pleasant smell;
more affordable in price.

Lip Gloss Lipstick

The disadvantages include:

able to attract the rays of the sun;
required to tint the lips from time to time;
can cause allergies;
stickiness. Everything adheres to shine: hair, dust;
tubes are not always comfortable;
for puffy lips shine is not suitable;

Persistence and color

Lipstick is durable and color. It is suitable for those who prefer rich tones. Considering fashion trends, glossy and matte products are popular. The palette is also very diverse. To create a uniform and dense shade is to prefer lipstick. But professionals advise to conduct experiments, combining lipstick and gloss of different shades. For example, red lipstick is applied to the entire surface, and a darker shine in the center.

If you prefer only shine, then the shade does not work as yakrim. But naturalness doesn’t come out of trends, so a small amount of translucent or flesh gloss will help to finish the image.

Today there is no clear division of color, but the general trends say that it is worth choosing matte dark shades (plum, burgundy, lilac, black). For shine suitable shades of rose, beige, orange.

In addition, when choosing cosmetics, orient yourself to firmness.Lipsticks are often able to hold up to 12 hours, but the gloss can not boast such.

Makeup options

Various bright makeup options with accentuated eyes are combined with a rich lipstick. For the daily make-up suitable calm shades of glitter. If you are a supporter of brilliant make-ups, then sprinkle your eyelids with gold glitter, and paint your lips with a transparent sheen with particles reflecting light. Completely transparent means is combined with lines on eyes.

For nude makeup, neutral matte lipsticks are suitable, as well as light shades of gloss. Similar combinations in the case of creating arrows on the eyes. If you are a supporter of the use of liquid shadows, then you should refrain from glitters and prefer lipstick to harmonize make-up.

Over the years (and sometimes from nature), the lip contour loses clarity, therefore a pencil is required to correct this. But if you are not worried about this, then you can follow fashion trends that advise the “blurred” contour. For this purpose, more lipstick is suitable.

The right choice of cosmetics helps to give the appearance of freshness and attractiveness. This applies to lipstick and gloss.

For women at the age are more suitable lipstick with shimmering particles or gloss. And this is despite the fact that these products are considered the lot of young people. This will give the lips visual volume and sensuality.

Of course, every woman should have both products in her purse. Once it is preferable to use the gloss, once lipstick. Learn to "wear" both means, turn the shortcomings into advantages.

Lipstick selection rules

Today lipstick contains wax palm trees, oils and herbal leaves (this is the base). In addition, the foundation is wax, as well as elements that provide shine and durability. The most popular ingredients are vitamins A and E, and the aroma is obtained by adding perfume. But what are the rules for choosing lipstick?

Proper selection of lip aids helps to give the image attractiveness and brightness. When purchasing lipstick, remember these points:

on lipstick should be no smudges, drops. If the product is non-plastic and brittle, it smells badly - these are signs of a poor-quality product;
Draw a line on the sheet. If it is the same, there are no roughness, lumps and pellets, then this indicates the quality of the lipstick;
try to apply the product on the back of the hand in order to check how it lies on the lips, its firmness and tone;

Lip Gloss Lipstick

an effective way is to try make-up right in the store;
be sure to pay attention to the expiration date. It is not necessary to purchase funds where it is not indicated. A tool with an expired shelf life is determined by white spots and faded color;
Shelf life of such cosmetics is 3 years. But in order for the lipstick to last this amount of time, you will need to keep it in the cold, and apply it with a brush;
the shelf life of the product is reduced to one year, if applied directly to the lips. And if sunlight comes onto the product, it is suitable for use for only 3 months.

Lipstick types

There are many varieties of lipsticks. Let us consider in more detail:

Super resistant and resistant.

This tool fully justifies its own name, because it keeps perfectly on the lips and leaves no traces. Persistent lipsticks are able to hold 8-12 hours, and the most resistant - a day. This creates a lot of convenience, but even they have disadvantages. Such tools are too tight lips. There is a feeling of heaviness on the lips.It is undesirable to use this remedy every day.


More often, these lipsticks are matte with minimal gloss. Well emphasizes the freshness of the skin. But easily removed and leaves traces. It's because of the creamy texture. Such a tool will protect against cracking.

Lip Gloss Lipstick


It contains UV filters that protect the lips from the influence of sunlight. Almost all such lipsticks in the composition have antiseptics, vitamins and other useful elements. Such a tool does not contain minuses, but this lipstick does not give lip gloss and brightness of color.

A wide variety of lipsticks helps to choose the right product.


This lipstick is easy to use. A couple of movements and make-up ready. The main advantage of this tool is its ability to combine with simple lipstick or contour.

How to choose shine

To understand how to choose a lip gloss, you should clearly imagine what it is for. Often the condition of choice is a well-known brand or a beautiful package.

Glitter is not always expensive. The only requirement is quality, hypoallergenicity and compatibility with other cosmetics.Glitter is used as an independent means, they cover lipstick with a matte texture on top.

It is considered the most suitable transparent tool, because it is combined with any shade of lipstick. For lipstick in pink beige gloss is suitable. On the red tones cause translucent gloss with reddish hues. Lipstick in the color of orange shines from the shine in a shade of pearls. A brown tone is emphasized with a delicate pink color.

Varieties of gloss

There are such varieties of lip gloss:

Lip care.

As part of these funds there is beeswax. This is almost a similar product with hygienic lipstick. It is more useful than cosmetic effect. But a light shade of lip is obtained. There are glitters based on oils - a suitable choice for dried lips.

Increased lip volume.

It should be noted immediately that the use of such shine will not give you the lips of Angelina Jolie. The effect of gloss is minimal, but it is enough for most women. Such shines are divided into 2 types. The first gives a visual volume due to the inclusion of light reflecting particles in the composition, and the second contains menthol, citrus, which increases blood flow to the lips. When applying the latest means there is a tingling sensation in the lips.

Lip Gloss Lipstick

Aging Prevention.

There is no lipid layer on the skin of the lips, because it soon loses moisture and easily gives in to the negative influence of the sun. Therefore, it is important to carefully protect the lips. Such glitters in the composition have UV filters, coenzyme and antioxidants. This will help stop the early aging of the lips.

How to visually enlarge the lips

If you do not know how to visually enlarge the lips, then these recommendations will help with this.

To begin to reveal the secret for lovers of sparkle. As already mentioned, there are tools that enhance the lips. And it is worth choosing those in which menthol, pepper, hyaluron, collagen is included. Glitter is applied to the lips without makeup. Dark tones of gloss are undesirable. The more glitter shines, the more volume your lips are.

In order for lips to look plump, it is worth putting a maximum of shine in the middle of the lower lip. And to give swelling to thin lips, encircle the middle of the upper lip with a pencil in pink. To complete the lower lip, it is important to draw a shadow under the middle with a light brown pencil.

Glitters are more often used for visual increase of lips. Their texture is the best for this purpose.

Now the secrets of applying lipstick.Prefer such products that contain protein complex and particles that reflect light. Though similar lipsticks are replaced by shines. To enhance the effect, circle the lips with light pencil. Another option - the use of lipstick with plant extracts of mint and other plants that stimulate blood flow. The volume of the lips will increase cosmetics with silicone and peptides in the composition.

Lip Gloss

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