Listing of calls Megaphone

Listing of calls MegaphoneCall detailing Megafon or simply a printout allows any subscriber to find out about the funds debited from the account for a given period of time. Usually, such a service is necessary for people to find out what the money was spent for last month.
Also, the printout of Megafon calls will allow you not only to control your own expenses, but also to conduct regular monitoring in order to reduce the risk of third-party expenses and theft of funds from your account.

What is the printout of megaphone calls for?

If you suddenly discover that a certain amount has been written off from your personal account, or you want to find out how much money was spent on using the mobile Internet, Megaphone is ready to provide you with all the necessary information.
Each subscriber can use the Megafon call detail service and in the shortest possible time find out about all cash movements on his personal balance.
The calculation of funds is carried out by a special procedure called “Billing”.With its help, you can calculate how much money was credited to your account or was spent for a certain period (week, month, half a year, etc.)

How to make a printout

If you are worried about an unreasonable reduction in the balance of your personal account, order free call details for Megaphone.
Detailed information on how to print a call to Megaphone will help you to carry out this procedure quickly and in a timely manner.Listing of calls Megaphone
Important point: before you request the appropriate service, you must take with you a document proving your identity. This may be the original passport or its copy, confirmed by a notary. If you need to know the full list of operations on the balance for any period, then you need to take the original passport.
You can print a call directly at the office of the telephone company or by calling the operator. In the case of telephone communications, the operator will ask you to provide your passport details to confirm your identity.

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Fill in the line where you need to enter your phone number. Enter the numbers without extraneous characters and click "Enter."Listing of calls Megaphone
  3. If you receive free call details for Megaphone for the first time, click on the words “Get a password” highlighted in blue.Listing of calls Megaphone
  4. Enter your phone number and pass the anti-spam test by entering the characters from the image. Click "Get Password".Listing of calls Megaphone
  5. The browser will automatically redirect you to another page, where it will be said that a password will arrive to the specified phone within a few minutes. An SMS message will be sent to your phone with a login and password, where the login is your phone, and the password will consist of numbers or symbols. When the SMS came, click "Back".
  6. In the boot window, fill in all the required fields, having written off the login and password, and then click the “Login” button.Listing of calls Megaphone
  7. In the sidebar, find the item "Call Detail" and click on it.Listing of calls Megaphone
  8. Specify the required time period, e-mail address (it will receive a report).Listing of calls Megaphone
  9. After sending the report, check the email - there should already be a corresponding letter.

Call detailing on Megafon is a simple and fast procedure that is available to every subscriber. You can use this service at any time of the day, so if you have any suspicion of irrational expenditure of funds in your account, order a printout of calls.

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