Love Story: Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis

She is:american opera singer with greek roots

Is he:Greek shipbuilding tycoon 

Happy hours are not being watched ...

Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis met in September 1957 at a ball in Venice - so one of the friends Callas celebrated her birthday. A few months later, as early as 1958, after the premiere of the opera Norma in Rome, Onassis invited the singer and her husband, Italian industrialist Giovanni Meneghini, to relax on her famous luxury yacht Christina O. On board, a passionate, insane romance broke out between a 35-year-old opera diva and a 52-year-old billionaire. As Callas recalled, only one person existed for her - her beloved Aristo, full of life and passion, like herself. Both the lawful husband and the work — a previously unheard of work for such a workaholic as Maria — were forgotten.

At the end of 1959, Onassis divorced, and Callas practically left the singer's brilliant career and moved to Paris to be closer to her beloved.The couple openly appeared in society, causing envy and admiration. Onassis indulged Maria without stint: he fell asleep from a helicopter with roses at the hotel in which she stayed, bestowed jewels. Once on Valentine's Day, Callas received from Aristo a gold valentine, encrusted with diamonds and rubies and wrapped in a mink coat.

Aristotle Onassis and Maria Callas

Temperamental lovers often quarreled and reconciled with the same passion, but their relationship was not destroyed by this. The first blow that Callas took was the reluctance of Onassis to have a child from her. In 1966, when she was already 43, she became pregnant for the first time, the singer had a chance to become a mother. But Aristotle ordered an abortion, putting Mary before a choice: either he or the baby, because the heirs of the Onassis family already exist. The opera diva was afraid to lose the one whom she loved more than life, and did an act that she felt sorry for until the end of her days ... Callas began the marriage of Onassis in 1968 to Jacqueline Kennedy, the widow of the 35th President of the United States. The singer found out about it from the newspapers and lived for some months as a recluse in Paris, not wanting to show anyone how difficult it was.Callas started having problems with her voice, and in 1974 she ended her singing career.

Love Formula

The plots of operas rarely have a happy ending, but they are full of dramas and tragedies. The life of Maria Callas did not yield to the heat of passion and bitterness of losses to her scenic heroines: Norma, Carmen, Tosca, Medea ... For the sake of her beloved, she sacrificed many years of singing career, the voice of divine beauty and strength, the happiness of marriage and motherhood. For Callas, feeling for Onassis became fatal, whereas he always treated women like trophies.

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