Low cost workplace lighting

Eternal question: "How to make something good and the quality of virtually nothing? "I will offer you a way to make quite high-quality lighting for your desk or workbench. Such a lamp can be located both in your home and in a garage or workshop.

Required Materials

It will take very little, as it may seem at first glance. As a result, the result of the backlight will definitely please you. I took the tape at 12 V, because sometimes the network is disconnected and I powered the backlight from the battery.
Budget lighting of the workplace

Assembly of the luminaire

We determine the dimensions of the luminaire, taking into account the area of ​​illumination. Next, assemble the lamp from the profile, tightening the short spots with screws and nuts.
Budgetary lighting of the workplace
Bend and grind off end sharp corners. Budget lighting workplace
We collect the entire construction of the lighting.
Low cost workplace lighting
Fasten the LED strip. Unstick the protective strip and carefully glue it to the profile.
Budget lighting workplace
Soldering segments of the LED strip.
Budget lighting of the workplace
Here is a view of the finished but not fully hung lamp.
Budget lighting of the workplace
We hang everything on a chain or rope.
Budget lighting workplace
Low cost workplace lighting The light is magnificent. Plus, if you notice, I have a cable highlighted in the mains voltage box, just above the table.
Budget workplace lighting
When choosing an LED strip, if you do not have it in stock, pay attention to the number of LEDs per meter, the power of one meter,and the shade of the glow is cold or warm. Given these settings, select the power of the power supply to power the 12 volt ribbon.

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