Lunar beauty calendar for January

Long holidays - a reason to take care of yourself, make a new hairstyle, look into the beauty salon.

January 1, the 4th lunar day.Manicure, pedicure, hair cutting. Dental procedures are best postponed.

January 2, the 5th lunar day.Mani Pedi. Hair coloring in natural shades. Hair cutting is undesirable.

January 3, the 6th lunar day.Eyebrow correction. Manicure is undesirable.

January 4, the 7th lunar day.Epilation, massage. Haircut and hair coloring in light shades. Manicure is better to postpone.

January 5, the 8th lunar day.Mani Pedi. A visit to the dentist is undesirable.

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January 6, the 9th lunar day.Deep cleansing. Eyebrow correction is not worth doing.

January 7, the 10th lunar day.Anti-cellulite wraps. Massage, bath, sauna. Hair cutting is undesirable.

January 8, the 11th lunar day.Coloring hair in bright colors. Hair cutting is better to postpone.

January 9, the 12th lunar day.Hair coloring in dark shades. Manicure. Piercing, permanent makeup. Reduce physical exertion.

January 10, the 13th lunar day.Haircut.Eyebrow correction is better to postpone.

January 11, the 14th lunar day.Haircut. Removal of moles, skin whitening. Manicure and pedicure is better to postpone.

January 12, the 15th lunar day.Perm hair. Haircut is undesirable.

January 13, the 16th lunar day.Visit to the dentist. Haircut, hair coloring. Eyebrow correction is undesirable.

January 14, 17th day of the moon.Moisturizing face masks. Manicure is better not to do.

January 15, the 18th lunar day.Mani Pedi. Haircut. Do not test cosmetics.

January 16, the 19th lunar day.Homemade masks for skin. Hair cutting is undesirable.

January 17, the 20th lunar day.Bath, sauna, hair removal. Manicure, haircut and hair coloring. Give up complex cosmetic procedures.

January 18, the 20th lunar day.Eyebrow correction, removal of moles. Reduce physical activity.

January 19, the 21st lunar day.Starting a diet, playing sports. Whitening skin moisturizing mask. Hair cutting is undesirable.

January 20, the 22nd lunar day.Treatment masks for skin. Hair coloring is better to postpone.

January 21, the 23rd lunar day.Epilation, bath, sauna. Do not test cosmetics.

January 22, the 24th lunar day.Hair coloring with natural products.Mani Pedi. Haircut is undesirable.

January 23, the 25th lunar day.Epilation. Reduce physical exertion.

January 24, the 26th lunar day.Dental procedures. Set aside a visit to the hairdresser.

January 25, the 27th lunar day.Eyebrow correction. Permanent makeup. Manicure and pedicure are undesirable.

January 26, the 28th lunar day.Hair cutting, massage. Testing cosmetics is better to postpone.

January 27 29 / 1st lunar day.Bath, sauna. Manicure, pedicure, hand bath. Visit to the hairdresser is better to move.

January 28, 2nd lunar day.Massage, start diet. Anti-cellulite wraps. Hair coloring is undesirable.

January 29th, the 3rd lunar day.Whitening skin. Removing moles. Epilation is undesirable.

January 30, 3rd lunar day.Removal of moles, the beginning of a diet, homemade face masks. Salon anti-aging procedures should be postponed.

January 31, the 4th lunar day.Haircut and hair coloring. Thermal procedures are not worth doing.

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