Mad makeup in neon tones

If you want to stand out and be bright, try to make a stunning makeup in neon colors!

When is this makeup appropriate?

Neon makeup is incredibly bright, so absolutely definitely can not be considered everyday and not suitable for strict office images. Such a make-up is ideal for photo shoots, especially fantasy and thematic. You can also make it, going to a party, for example, a fancy dress or dedicated to some holiday or social event. Neon makeup designers and stylists often choose and use to create catchy and creative images of models.

Fashionable neon shades and effects

To create a fashionable neon makeup, use bright colors such as fuchsia, mint, bright yellow, lime, purple, pink, blue, orange, green and others. And in order to achieve dizzying results, complement the color gamut with effects, such as a glow or neon glow in the dark.

Makeup options and important rules

How to make neon makeup? To do this, first of all, choose the appropriate cosmetic means. They must be bright and bright, so choose the appropriate shades. Welcome and add in the form of glitter, rhinestone. Also on sale you can find cosmetics, glowing in the dark, and she just will pay attention to your image with subdued lighting.

To create a makeup in neon tones, you can use the following techniques:

  • Select the bright shadows to select the eyes. Try to put them on different parts of the century, to combine several shades.
  • If you want to create a slightly more discreet image, then emphasize the eyes using ultra-bright, but thin arrows. They will allocate the zone, but do not make it excessively vulgar.
  • Use ultra-bright mascara that will make your eyelashes unforgettable. And to increase the density, select the overlay colored cilia.
  • If you need a bright make-up for a photo shoot, you can emphasize the cheekbones with bright blush or liquid shadows.
  • Use bright lipstick for lips, adding to its gloss or glitter.

Tip: it is better to select only one zone so that the make-up does not look excessively vulgar in the photo and in real life. Other areas may be more neutral.

Want to shine and stand out from the crowd? Now you can do neon makeup!

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