How to create a Mad Men-inspired office

Mad Men–Inspired Home Decor

Don and Betty Draper from Mad Men
Courtesy of AMC
Sure,Mad Menjust won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, but we find the show's visuals even more spectacular than its storylines. Take your eyes off the fabulous '60s fashion for a second, and you'll likely be drawn in by the next-best thing: the retro home accents. We obtained actual pictures from various rooms on the show's set, then found modern-day versions of the rotary-style kitchen wall phone, luxe gold bedding and other groovy decor items. The best part? The prices—most 0 or less—are almost as old-fashioned as the products themselves.

Don and Betty Draper's Kitchen

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You might not covet everything in this kitchen—those appliances don't look EnergyStar approved—but there are plenty of throwback accents that would work in a more contemporary setup. Designer and stylist Heather Colette of HCL Design Studio suggests mixing vintage-style goods with contemporary pieces to keep the room's look fresh.


After a brisk fall day, nothing sounds more welcoming than a whistling teapot. This one has a spout-top whistle and a button on the handle to release it. The six-cup version of is almost identical, but its handle is made from an of-the-moment cool-touch material, so you won't need a potholder when you're pouring..99;


Rotary Phone
Before house phones were abandoned in favor of PDAs and e-mail, a distraction-free phone call (from your kitchen, not your car) was the best way to catch up. Bring back the afternoon chat with . The cord keeps you tethered to one spot (so chores can't sidetrack you from the conversation) and the rotary-style dial only looks antique—it's actually composed of touch-tone buttons..95;


Regardless of the decade, cafe curtains—which afford privacy while letting in a healthy amount of light—are perfect for kitchen windows. These feature culinary-themed designs, vegetables and salt and pepper shakers. For a similarly whimsical look, consider a floral and butterfly print by or a that offers the convenient shape without a homey pattern. For real-deal antique goods, stylist Dana Faith hunts for treasures in vintage shops, like What Goes Around Comes Around in New York City. also has a wealth of homespun linens.Prices start at ; . Prices start at .99;


A trivet is a must for protecting counters and tabletops. One made from cast iron (like this one) is durable and strong, but a modern improvement will render it even more convenient. Coated with a rustproof finish, this set of in red won't get damaged when you wash them—and are an easy way to add a splash of color to your kitchen..99; .


Who says countertop appliances have to be compact? A stocky, shiny toaster like this one brings charm to your kitchen. The has a similar look, plus extra-wide slots for bagels and English muffins. If you prefer something bolder than the basic black and silver combo, the , also made from stainless steel, comes with red, white or blue accents..99, .99;

Don and Betty Draper's Bedroom


Don Draper may rule the boardroom and the bedroom, but we suspect Betty's responsible for the extra-special touches at home. Copycat a few to add glamour to your boudoir. If you opt for antique finds, Colette recommends having them restored by a pro to keep the room from looking worn.


A plush headboard speaks of sophistication—and comfort, if you like to sit up and read before you sleep. This one, upholstered in bright teal velvet, is the focal point of the bedroom. For a similar piece with more modern lines, we like QVC's adjustable Ultrasuede Button-Tufted Headboard, which comes in muted hues as well as bright lime green and a soft baby blue.Prices start at 4.60;


His-and-hers bedside lamps balance the bedroom visually, and allow ample light for both sides of the bed. The gold accents on this lamp play off the metallic shades in the bed linens. The Songster Bird Blue Tint Porcelain Jar Table Lamp has an equally feminine motif. Or, if you like the white-on-white color scheme but prefer your lighting without wildlife, Haeger Potteries' White Ceramic Egg Table Lamp is a handsome alternative..99, .91;

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Gold bed linens with a hint of shimmer are fit for a king—and queen. This set also has blue accents, which perfectly match the Drapers' headboard (and the bedside rotary phone!). The has a similar sheen. If you prefer to buy your set piecemeal, consider the , which includes shams and paisley sheets..99, and prices start at .98;


A perfect perch for slipping on your shoes, a hassock—like the Drapers' petite oval piece—also gives you a front-row seat for spying on neighbors when placed window-side (though we know you would never do that!). The contemporary is crafted from espresso-colored hardwood and has room enough for two..99; .

Don and Betty Draper's Living Room


We're fine with leaving heavy drapes and deep-pile rust-colored carpeting in the '60s. Still, this living room has a few pieces we'll like to bring with us to the 21st century.


Liquor Decanters
Modern-day health standards probably wouldn't permit a stiff after-work drink every night. But there's no denying the decorative appeal of this set, which keeps four types of booze at the ready. With an almost identical design, the Four Glass Bottle Set gives you easy access to rum, whiskey, vodka and bourbon. If you can get by with a single bottle, an engraved should do nicely.9.50, .75;


Cocktail Glasses
Squat tumblers with a leaf motif are a step above utilitarian glassware—and the perfect vessel for that aforementioned after-work cocktail. For a set with a similarly inspired pattern, consider hand-decorated . Or go for the gold with a sleek set from Coro.;


A sconce on either side of the fireplace imparts a warm glow with none of the glare (or unflattering shadows) of overhead lights. The trio of mini lampshades on this sconce is charming—although the faux melting candles look a bit dated. The gives you everything that's good about the original fixture with none of the kitsch.; .

Sterling Cooper Office


The main room of the Sterling Cooper advertising agency leaves much to be desired. We'll take a more compact desk lamp, thank you very much. And the typewriter? We'll pass on that, too. But one bright-blue accent (in the back right-hand corner) caught our eye.


Table Fan
Half a century afterMad Menand we still haven't gotten a handle on office heating and cooling systems. Keep a squat metal desk fan, like this one, on hand for a breezy respite. The oscillating has three speeds and comes in two shades of blue, plus pink and red. If you'd like to hunt for an antique version, Colette suggests keeping an eye out at flea markets and secondhand stores. "The great thing about 'going vintage' is that you're also recycling items and giving them a new life," she says.; .

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Mad Men–Inspired Home Decor
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