Made of corrugated paper, the craftswoman made a decor that impressed all friends and households.

Plain crepe or crepe paper can serve as an excellent material for creative crafts. One craftswoman had the idea to create something voluminous, festive and very, very beautiful out of such paper ... The resulting crafts can be presented to a loved one instead of the usual bouquet of flowers - believe me, he will certainly appreciate it. She can also decorate with her any celebration. Giant roses from crepe paper will not leave any guest indifferent!

To repeat such roses, prepare the following materials:

  • crepe paper (corrugated) paper of the desired colors (for example, light pink, green, hot pink);
  • PVA glue;
  • braided wire;
  • color adhesive tape (light and dark green);
  • a sheet of plain paper;
  • scissors;
  • pencil.

First, print out the patterns on plain paper, cut out (the scale can be increased, then the flower will get even more).

For a single rose, you will need to cut out corrugated paper (for example, light pink, hot pink, and green):

  • 15 heart shaped petals;
  • 5 small petals;
  • 3 sheets;
  • 1 receptacle.

Begin to create:

1. The rose is formed from the stem. We join together three wires of the desired length using colored tape.

2. Form small petals. To do this, bend them in half, then twist the edge on a pencil.

3. In the same way we twist the edges of the petals in the shape of a heart.

4. We proceed to the formation of the bud. One by one we wrap 5 small petals around the stem, fasten with glue.

5. Secure at the base of tape.

6. Go to the petals in the shape of a heart, fasten them.

7. Strengthen again with scotch tape. Straighten the edges of the petals.

8. We turn a bud, we attach a receptacle with glue and tape.

9. Form the leaves. To cut the sheet, glue a piece of wire, fold in half, bending the edges, as in the photo below.

10. Wrap the entire length of the paper.

11. We try on the leaves to the base, fix with scotch tape.

Giant rose paper is ready!

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