Manicure-2018: fashion trends for short nails

Well-groomed hands are a kind of visiting card of any woman. Manicure has become a real art, thanks to which female marigolds turn into real masterpieces.

Geometric motifs

Geometric motifs are a manicure that will never become obsolete. This manicure is perfect for parties and everyday look. However, you should avoid a lot of sparkles, because they will not look so impressive on short nails.

Classic french

French manicure has not lost its popularity at all, delighting girls with new variations and color fantasies. French corresponds to the fashionable concept of natural beauty and naturalness.

Rose Quartz Manicure

Rose quartz symbolizes tenderness and looks just magical. Streaks on the nails can be done with a regular toothpick.

Ombre (gradient manicure)

Ombre is becoming more popular not only in hair coloring, but also in manicure.The color of the nails as if flows smoothly from one to another, looking very interesting and concise.

Jewelry Manicure

An ideal option for celebrations, which will shine not only you, but also your hands.

Moon manicure

Some women think that moon manicure is not intended for short nails, because it visually makes them shorter and wider. However, if you focus on the nail hole, the manicure will look incredible and gentle.

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