Masks for split hair


Thick, natural and silky hair - the result of years of care for curls with the help of nourishing masks and appliqués. The natural brilliance of the strands that develop in the wind is the pride of the girl. However, sometimes due to the carelessness or incompetence of the barber, the hair texture deteriorates overnight. The consequence of a fatal mistake are split tresses, which can not be reconstructed.

Masks for split hair

Only an integrated approach to solving the emerging problem allows you to change the course of events. To achieve the cherished goal, it is important not only to visit the cosmetologist's office in a timely manner, but also to independently care for damaged strands. Split hair masks are an effective means of “fighting” the fragility and dryness of the once healthy curls.

Causes of hair structure deterioration

Complaining of heredity with the appearance of split ends and the spread of the disease along the entire length of the hair is an inexpedient decision. Often the human genetic code is not the main prerequisite for the deterioration of the structure of the curls.The reasons mainly lie in the lifestyle and peculiarities of caring for the strands, which stratify and break down over time:

Predisposition to dryness of the skin of the head.
Excessive coloring and regular change of shades are prerequisites for deterioration of the structure of hair follicles.
Chemical impact on curls, drying even healthy and silky strands.
Systematic use of hair cosmetics and gels, which contain additives based on alcohols.
Frostbite of strands at minus temperature - the cause of brittleness and the appearance of split ends.
The effect on the follicles of ultraviolet rays, drying roots of curls.
Heat treatment and thermal effects on strands provided by pleyk, irons and other similar equipment.
Application in the care of hair accessories of low quality - hairbrushes, combs, hairpins and decorative ornaments to maintain hair.

In the care of splitting hair using essential oils and food, decoctions and infusions of herbaceous plants.Methods for restoring damaged curls and variations in the composition of nutritional masks may be different. However, invariably biologically active substances present in the composition of the application must be consistent with the nature of the disease of the hair follicles and bulbs.

Masks for split hair

Split Hair Care Tips

If you do not trust your strands to a professional and decide to independently engage in the restoration of damaged texture, then you should be familiar with the rules of care for split hair. Adhering to the following recommendations, you will be able to start the process of improving the curls, approaching the achievement of the desired result:

Do not use in the procedure of drying hair dryer, operating in the "warm air", because the hot pairs contribute to the exfoliation of the tips, leading to a slow thinning of the texture of the curls.
Based on the opinion of nutritionists, the exclusion from the diet of fatty and carcinogenic food becomes the reason for the normalization of water-salt balance in the structure of the strands.
"Help" your hair, taking an additional complex of vitamins in the winter and spring seasons, when the curls are particularly prone to dryness.
Give up metal combs with sharp "denticles", prefer to use the locks to use wooden combs and plastic accessories.
After the water treatment, it is recommended to gently blot the hair with a cotton towel, allowing it to dry naturally.
Do not comb the wet curls, because with such an action you damage and thin the texture of the strand.
If your hair is tangled under the influence of strong gusts of wind, then find the time to "separate" them from each other with the help of hands, without using a comb.
Exclude from the complex care for the strands cosmetics, which contain alcohol - it dries the ends of the hair.Masks for split hair
People who have a long preference for one hairstyle, should arrange a "weekend" hair, without changing the natural position of the curls on the head.
To protect yourself from the negative effects of atmospheric factors (rain, sun or frost), wear hats, preventing problems with the tips of the strands.
Treatment of damaged hair is recommended to be carried out systematically, maintaining a pause between courses of 3-4 weeks.
In the procedure of restoring the texture of healthy curls, use shampoos, conditioners and conditioners, conditioners, accelerating the process of hair growth. Thus, split ends will naturally be replaced by natural and intact strands.
To enhance the effect after applying the mask, put a cellophane cap on your head, which you need to wrap with a woolen scarf.
The resulting mixture, designed to restore split ends, evenly spread over the entire length of the strands using a wooden comb.
To care for dry curls, it is preferable to limit to 1-2 treatments for 7 days. Excessive use of nutritional masks can adversely affect the structure of the hair follicles.
Prepare the consistency used for the application for a single application to always apply only fresh substance to the strands.
Do not be afraid to experiment, trying to periodically rub massage into the roots of the head of the mask on the basis of various components.
Before applying the application, it is recommended to thoroughly wash the scalp using an effective conditioner shampoo.Biologically active elements are better absorbed into clean curls.
An alternative way to "return" healthy hair texture is cutting the split ends with hot scissors, with which you can prevent delamination of the structure of the strands. After a similar procedure, the time period required for the restoration of curls, is significantly reduced.

Masks for split hair

To enhance the effect of nourishing masks cooked at home, it is recommended to wash curls with special shampoos-conditioners, designed to care for split hair. The complex approach to the solution of the problem allows to accelerate the process of restoration of damaged follicles and bulbs, returning strands of natural shine and pristine beauty.

The result of regular use of masks

Cosmetology course designed to improve the texture of split ends, designed for 4-6 procedures. Regular care for curls in accordance with the following rules is accompanied by the following benefits:

Restoration of the structure of damaged hair follicles.
The supply of curls with nutrients, a complex of vitamins and biologically active elements.
Regeneration of dead skin cells of the scalp.
Stimulating hair growth.
Moisturized texture of dry tips and brittle curls.
Nutrition of the deep layers of the epidermis with beneficial mineral compounds.
A significant reduction in the level of exposure to strands of external factors (ultraviolet rays, strong gusts of wind, frost, rain).
Preventing problems with deterioration of hair.

Systematic and comprehensive care for split curls allows you to achieve an intensive and visually noticeable result.

Masks for split hair

Options for applying nourishing masks

In cosmetology centers it is proposed to apply nourishing masks and applications on the hairline and scalp in the following ways:

Rub massage into the skin of the head, paying particular attention to the hair roots.
Apply to the straightened curls nutritional consistency with a wide brush.
Evenly distribute the substance from the hair roots to split ends, using a wooden comb.

In choosing the method of application it is important to consider the location of the damaged areas. The tips of the curls are mostly split, but there are cases in cosmetology practice where dryness and brittleness spread along the entire length of the strands.

Homemade Mask Recipes

Pharmaceutical cosmetology tools are classified by category and professional lines. In such preparations the optimal proportions of the components that restore the texture of the split ends are selected. However, vitamin applications offered to visitors of medical centers are notable for their high cost. If you do not have such a sum, then do not rush to give up the dream of changing the fragile structure of the curls. Identical masks can be prepared at home, observing the following sequence of actions and the ratio of ingredients:

To normalize the sebaceous glands.

Ingredients: medium-sized peach pulp 1; 2 tablespoons of warm milk; 15 ml liquid honey.

Procedure: mix ingredients thoroughly; rub the texture into the skin of the head; rinse under warm water with shampoo after 30 minutes.

Elimination of oily shine.

Ingredients: 10 ml of olive oil; 1 teaspoon thick honey; 250 ml packaged kefir with low fat content.

Procedure: components are heated to a warm state in a water bath; apply the mixture over the entire length of the hair; wear a cellulose cap; wrap a head with a woolen shawl; rinse with herbs-based decoctions after 20 minutes.

Prevention of mechanical damage in the texture of split ends.

Ingredients: equal proportions of burdock, olive and almond oils; 1 egg yolk.

Procedure: Rub into the hair roots; after 20 minutes rinse your head with shampoo-conditioner under warm water.

Remove the fat.

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons sour cream with a high content of lipids; 10 ml of olive oil; 2–4 drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Procedure: Apply a mixed consistency to the split ends with a wide brush; after 30 minutes, wash off the nutritional mass with chamomile and calendula-based decoctions.Masks for split hair

Improving blood circulation in the skin of the head.

Components: chopped 1 onion medium size; 4–6 drops of rosemary; 100 ml of warm milk; 5 ml of extracts of geranium and juniper.

Procedure: mix the above ingredients thoroughly in a mixer; massage the substance into the scalp with massaging movements; use a cellophane cap and down scarf to enhance the effect; wash off 15 minutes after application using split-end shampoo with the addition of 3-4 drops of rose oil.

Acceleration of hair growth.

Ingredients: 5 ml castor oil; identical amount of rose extract; 3-5 drops of lavender aromatic ether; vitamin complex of groups "A" and "E" in granules; 1 teaspoon Dimexidum.

Procedure: mix the above components in the same container; apply the resulting mass on the hair roots; warm your head with a towel or a down scarf; wash the curls can be under warm water 40–60 minutes after the start of the procedure.

Restoration of the structure of damaged bulbs.

Ingredients: juice of 1 clove of garlic; 20 ml of liquid honey; 1 egg yolk.

Procedure: Whisk the listed ingredients in a blender; slowly rub the resulting texture into the hair roots; rinse after 3-4 hours under cool water to prevent coagulation of egg white.

Giving silkiness and shine to damaged curls.

Components: equal proportions of castor oil and ethyl alcohol.

Procedure: gently rub the golden yellow liquid into the scalp; distribute the applied substance from the roots to the ends of the hair using a ceramic comb; Rinse the mask after 3 hours, using lanolin soap and natural lemon juice.

Regeneration of the cell membrane structure.

Ingredients: 1 egg yolk; 1 tablespoon of burdock oil.

Procedure: Apply a mixed consistency along the entire length of the hair; fix the curls under the headpiece, wrapped in a warm scarf; after 40 minutes, rinse off the mass with cool water, without using balms and pharmaceutical conditioners.

Strengthening damaged curls.

Ingredients: apple sauce.

Procedure: apply the substance to the roots of the hair; put a protective cap on your head; warm the mask with a woolen scarf to enhance the effect; after 30 minutes, rinse the strands thoroughly under warm water, not forgetting the use of shampoo in the procedure.

Masks for split hair

If, after completing a course of cosmetology procedures at home, the problem of splitting hair is still relevant, you should consult with a qualified doctor.A professional will correctly diagnose curls, choosing a suitable vitamin complex for you, with the help of which you will be able to correct the situation.

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