Maxi dress - a thing for the real fashionista

Maxi dress is the trend of the season. And if you doubt that it will suit you, then first learn how to properly wear such a thing.

Maxi Dress: Pros and Cons

Although maxi dress is a trend of the season, this does not mean that you need to buy it without fail.

Firstly, it will not fit into any style. For example, if you prefer a strict office, then this length will clearly be inappropriate, as in the sporting direction.

Secondly, long dresses to the floor especially go to slender tall girls. But even if nature has endowed you with magnificent forms, you will be able to find the right model. And owners of miniature growth will solve the problem with the help of footwear on heels.

Finally, the maxi dress is not always comfortable and appropriate. So, in cloudy weather and slush, you risk constantly smudging his long hem, which will cause a lot of problems. And if you often or constantly drive a private car, then you will have to tear up the dress so that it does not interfere. As a result, the hem can be very wrinkled.

The advantages of such a stylish and trendy things a lot. She is able to bring femininity, charm, charm and elegance to any image. If you choose the right model and shoes, you can extend the silhouette, increase the height and hide some of the shortcomings of the figure. And the maxi-dress is perfect for social and other events, meeting with friends, dating, shopping, and walking along the beach or around the city.

How to choose?

To look stunning, you need to responsibly approach the choice of maxi-dress. We list the most important points:

  • Length. It would seem that everything is clear, but in fact the wrong length can "cut" your silhouette and reduce growth. If you decide to wear a maxi dress, then it should almost completely cover your feet or reach the ankles. And if you combine such a thing with shoes in heels, then the hem should close them.
  • Style. Fitted dresses in the floor can only afford the owners of an ideal figure: this cut instantly exposes all the disadvantages in an unfavorable light. The model of free cut, on the contrary, will hide some defects. Girls with a small tummy should pay attention to dresses with a high waist.And almost all fit feminine models with a pronounced belt line and flared flowing hem.
  • Sleeves. Short ones are suitable for early autumn and late spring, for summer it is better to choose a model on straps or with fully open shoulders. A dress with a long sleeve is ideal for a cold winter or a cool and unpredictable off-season.
  • Color can be almost anything, depending on the case and features of the figure. Light and bright shades give volume, so be careful with them. Dark and muted tones look more strictly and hide figure flaws. For everyday wear it is better to choose a not very catchy color: pale pink, sand, chocolate, blue, light yellow. Evening luxury outfit can be sustained in such colors as emerald, dark blue, burgundy, black, red. And for parties, dates and meetings with friends coral, lime, mint, yellow, green shades will do.
  • Print The most relevant are floral, floral and geometric patterns. You can choose a dress with stripes, a flower or small polka dots.And remember that large or colorful drawings can increase the volume and overload the image.

Choosing outerwear

How to wear a maxi dress with what? Start creating a stylish image is to select outerwear. There are plenty of options: jeans or leather jackets, light knit or voluminous knitted cardigans, youth bombers and blazers, jackets, fur or textile vests, coats. With an evening dress you can wear a bolero or a fur cape.

But, despite the huge choice, there are still some restrictions and rules. First of all, long dresses are completely incompatible and look ridiculous with long outerwear.

Therefore, make sure that most of the hem is left open: choose either short models to the waist or buttocks, or things of medium length to the middle of the thigh or slightly higher. Secondly, the harder the dress, the simpler the outerwear should be, otherwise the image will appear overloaded.

Shoes and accessories

Evening maxi-dresses are worn only with high-heeled shoes, and the best option will be elegant heeled shoes with a heel or a more stable heel.On a bare foot it is allowed to wear beautiful sandals. With casual dresses, you can also wear flat shoes: ballet flats, sandals. Some models organically combine shoes or even slip-ons and sneakers.

If the dress is concise and has no extra details, accessories will turn it into a bright and interesting. Try to complement such a thing with thin contrast straps, light scarves or scarves, hats.

Jewelry is better to choose not very massive and catchy, because the maxi-dress itself can be an accent and sometimes does not require framing. Volumetric bags will not work either: it is better to choose miniature clutches or other small and feminine models.

Maxi dress will become one of your favorite things if you learn how to wear it properly.

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