Michelle Pfeiffer eclipsed everyone at the premiere of "Ant-Man"

The star looks amazing and chooses very bold outfits.

In Hollywood, the premiere of the long-awaited tape from the Marin's Universe Marvel "The Ant-Man and the Wasp." And the main star of the evening was 60-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer, who played the role of the first Wasp, Janet Van Dane.

Michelle Pfeiffer
Photo: Getty Images

For the premiere, Michelle chose an elegant black jumpsuit of glittering fabric with a very deep neckline and complemented this seductive image with an elegant pendant ornament. The actress looked amazing: it seems that she has not changed much since the beginning of her career.

“One day you realize that you can look great at your age,” said the actress in numerous interviews. - There is no need to try to be younger. I look at my years from the point of view that I am 60, but I look great, so everything is fine. ”

But we are sure that one of the main secrets of the star’s attractiveness and sexuality is in its impeccable style.Unlike many "age" stars (remember Pamela Anderson or Sarah Jessica Parker), she always dresses flawlessly. And if at one time, at the turn of the 70s and 80s, her outfits mostly consisted of short denim shorts or skirts, an open belly and pink color, then by the time the stars began to flourish, everything changed.

For example, in the year when the actress who brought her the first nomination for the best female role in the film Lady Hawk, the actress experimented with the male style, combining light-colored jeans with jackets "from someone else's shoulder" and soft hats.

And with age, Michelle Pfeiffer began to wear much more color, jewelry and rich textures. In her wardrobe dresses of ruby, blue, marsh shades appeared, and she looked luxurious in these colors. Well, the favorite color of the actress was and remains black. She knows that he looks best on blondes.

Wday.ru traced how the star's fashionable habits changed over the years.

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