Mobile phone case made of leather

The shops sell a lot of different covers on mobile phones. But what could be better than a handmade gift? Moreover, such a product will be made with love and in a single copy.
Case for mobile leather phone
It is very convenient in the leather case that the edges do not need to be turned, since neither the leather nor the recommended lining fabric will pour . And sheathing with a satin ribbon, in addition to being performed for the convenience of joining parts, is also a decorative element.
Case for mobile leather phone
To make a leather case, we will need: • Leather (you can take pieces from an old jacket); • Soft lining (felt or flannel); • Thin satin ribbons of two colors of 0.5 meters; • Thick tape for covering about 1 meter; • Sewing machine; • • Velcro or magnet We measure the phone and make a pattern.The rear part must have a valve. We transfer the pattern to the skin and lining fabric. Cut out.
Case for mobile leather phone
On the front part, we put the width-cut pieces of ribbon first in the same color and stitch it on the machine, securing them.
Case for mobile leather phone
Using the weaving method, we draw different color ribbons cut to the length.
Case for mobile leather phone
We sheathe the upper part of the front with a slanting tape or ribbon.
Case for mobile leather phone
Sew Velcro to the front and to the lining fabric of the valve.
 Leather mobile phone case
We put together and the lower part and sew a thick tape around the edge.
Case for mobile leather phone
This case is soft and comfortable. In it, the phone will not break and will not be scratched.With all the work and cope teenager. You can attach a ribbon or lace to the case. And you can come up with a variety of jewelry, you just need to turn on the fantasy. This could be an appliqué, beadwork or a beautiful brooch attached. Beautiful cover is obtained from the old denim or a spoiled woolen coat. Do not rush to throw out jackets, jeans and coats, think that you can make them beautiful and necessary. Invent, create and delight yourself and your loved ones.

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