New Year 2013 in Greece. New Year tours and holidays

New Year 2013 in Greece

New Year 2013 in Greece.

To spend New Year's holidays in a warm seaside country is a great idea for organizing winter holidays, which will be remembered for a lifetime. But in order for the meeting of the new year abroad not to become another banal vacation, you need to think in advance about the program and route of travel. Holidays in another country are also a great opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions of the local population and explore interesting sites. Why not meet the New Year 2013 in Greece?


In a political and economic sense, Greece does not stand out among other European countries - it is small in size, with a favorable geographical location, but not more.


But do not forget about the historical heritage of this state. There are many monuments of ancient architecture and various objects of art and life, including earlier periods. Meeting the New Year 2013 in Greece, you have the opportunity to see it all with your own eyes.In this country, the mild Mediterranean climate, sightseeing trips and long walks in the winter are even more pleasant here than in the summer - it’s not hot, but not cold.


In this country, unique original traditions and holiday customs borrowed from neighboring countries have intertwined in a bizarre way. Before the holidays, the Greeks carefully cleaned their homes, and carefully cleaned chimneys. Some families perform one interesting ancient rite - on the eve of the holidays the main man in the house goes into the forest and cuts a special tree there - an impressive size spruce. Then, this tree stoked the house during all the holidays. In the New Year's Eve, and in the year of the black water snake, it will also be guessed by the fruits of the pomegranate.


Tours for the new year - cheap and fun.



The Greeks are a hospitable and friendly people, if you manage to overcome the language barrier, you can be sure that you will learn first-hand many interesting things about Christmas traditions and local customs.


What to see when spending New Year's holidays in Greece? Virtually any city has its own unique ancient structures, or, at least, their ruins.The largest number of architectural monuments located in the capital - Athens. Surely, you still remember from school history lessons the Acropolis - the upper city, which housed the majestic ancient temples and statues of the gods, and buildings of another purpose. The surviving parts of the buildings are striking even nowadays with their grandeur and scale. There is also a historic, untouched area in this city - Plaka. Most of it today is ruins, but among all this solemnly rises the well-preserved temple of Hephaestus, and a small local museum. Having visited Athens, it is also worth seeing the ancient port of Piraeus.


If vacation time allows, visit the islands belonging to Greece. Many of them survived the ruins of magnificent structures of antiquity. Celebrating the New Year 2013 in Greece, it is also worth to visit Olympia, Mycenae, do not forget to visit the island of Crete - the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations.


Enumerating the sights of Greece can be almost infinite, but this country has other merit. For example, it is impossible to keep silent about the national cuisine. The main feature of traditional Greek dishes is the freshness and richness of flavors.Seafood dishes are popular here, but it is easy to find meat and poultry familiar to Europeans in the national menu. Some combinations of products are able to surprise, but as practice shows, it is more often a pleasant surprise.


There is also a special format of catering establishments - round-the-clock taverns. Here you can try new dishes and drinks at any time of the day, also enjoying local music and even small theatrical performances. Reviews about the New Year holidays in Greece are the most positive.

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