New Year's Stocking

master class on making New Year
Preparation of such a socks does not require material costs - it can be made from any fabric that is found in every house, and the time spent for needlework will not exceed 1 hour. Materials that will be needed: • Any fabric • Cardboard • • Adhesive - gun • Scissors, thread in fabric color • Pieces of small tinsel • Pieces of satin ribbons • • Dumplings and foams I tire optional. paint on cardboard pattern intended stocking and cut it. We put a paper sock on a fabric folded exactly in half and snagged with safety pins to fix the pattern and fabric.  We put a paper sock on the fabric

Circling the sock with a marker or pen and cutting it out, having pre-bonded both parts of the fabric with pins. If the outer fabric is thin, it will not hold the shape,therefore, you need to cut the same form lining from dense material.
 we cut out
Separately sew each stocking and stitch it on each other again. We turn to the front side a sewn sock.
 stitch every stocking
Now go through the thick edge with a thick white thread - we sweep the stockings around the perimeter. sprinkles around the perimeter of stockings From the shred of red fabric, we prepare a small strip and sew a sock to the top.
 prepare a small strip
The main work is done, we begin to decorate the product. The threads with which the rim is sewn to the toe are hidden by a golden ribbon. We produce a loop for which in the future it will be possible to hang a sock. We form it from a satin ribbon and glue it to the reverse side of the red border with a glue gun. Let's make a loop Tomake the stocking bright, make a Christmas tree and decorate it with stars. To do this, cut out 3 triangles from a piece of green satin ribbon, singe their edges above the candle. We cut out small stars from foamed rubber (foam).
 decoration for stocking
Glue the Christmas tree and stars to the canvas. If you wish, you can make pampushkas and also attach them to a sock.
 we decorate stockings
Now from small tinsel we tear off small fragments and glue them in chaotic order. You can cut asterisks, hearts of a different color from the foam and also decorate the sock.

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