Norway is an interesting country for a family holiday.

If you want to visit an amazing and fabulous place, then you should go to Norway. And what is remembered for a holiday in this wonderful country?

What country is it?

Norway is a unique country. It is located on the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, and also occupies many small islands located nearby. The form of government is a constitutional monarchy, which means that the king rules the state, but also takes into account the opinion of the prime minister.

Norway is divided into 19 provinces, which are called "county." They, in turn, are united in five unofficial regions. The seat of government is located in Oslo, and it is this city that is the capital. The official language is Norwegian.

Norway is washed by the Barents, Norwegian and North Seas. The state is bordered by Sweden, Finland, and Russia. The population is small and amounts to just over 5 million people.

How to get there?

You can get to Norway by plane, flights to Oslo are carried out by many large airlines.

Visa and customs regimes

Since Norway is included in the list of countries that have concluded the Schengen Agreement, then residents of the CIS countries must have a visa to enter it. You can make it in a very short time. For registration, you will need a standard list of documents, which includes foreign and civil passports, medical insurance policy, bank statement, certificate of employment, copies of tickets and so on.

The customs regime is quite strict, and if it is violated you may simply not be allowed into the country and even be deprived of a visa for a very long period of time. No weapons, drugs (without a prescription), vegetables, dairy and meat products, any live plants, or automobile “anti-radar” can be brought into the state.

Import of tobacco and alcohol is limited. The allowed volume of imported food is 10 kilograms. And the number of items for personal use is limited to the limit of needs. As for foreign currency, its amount is not regulated.

Items prohibited for export

What can not be exported from Norway?

  • Seafood and fish, but in excess of 15 kilograms per person.
  • Items of cultural value, as well as antiques.
  • The national currency, the total amount of which exceeds 25,000 NOK.
  • Rare or endangered species of animals, as well as any products made from them. The endangered species include representatives of the fauna such as Arctic foxes, wolves, and lynxes. Also banned are some rare and predatory birds and their eggs.
  • Endangered plant species.


Although Norway is located in the north, the climate of this state can be called rather mild. So, it's warm in summer. The temperature at this time of year usually fluctuates between 10–20 degrees Celsius, but sometimes it rises to 25. In winter, it is around 4–12 degrees Celsius. Especially cold in the Arctic Circle, namely in the northern part of Norway. In these regions, the temperature can drop to -30 degrees.

When is it better to go to Norway? In late spring or in the summer, although severe frosts are rare in most of the territory, even in the winter season. In the autumn it can rain, so this is not the best time to travel.


Even the photo shows that the nature of Norway is unique.The territory of the country is covered with mountains and cliffs. But fjords deserve special attention - deep gorges in the land, filled with the cleanest sea waters. Also in the state a lot of waterfalls.


Where to stay in Norway? There are quite a few hotels in this country. They do not have a clear and official classification, so that "stellarness" can not be determined. But in all hotels there are very comfortable conditions, although they do not work in the “all inclusive” system. The level of service is not as high as in developed European countries, but the staff is polite.

How to navigate the country?

In the capital of Norway, Oslo, a highly developed network of public transport. You can move around this city by trams, metro, buses, and ferries. But in the western regions, intersected by numerous fjords, it is most convenient to navigate by sea, which is represented by catamarans, ferries and high-speed vessels.

Taxis are also available, but this view cannot be called budget. It is also possible to rent a car, but this will require an international driver's license, paid insurance and a credit card.

What's so interesting?

What to see on holiday in Norway?

  1. Rock "Troll's language", located near the town of Odda.
  2. The sculpture park of Vigeland is an amazing place, popular with both locals and tourists.
  3. Royal Palace Oslo.
  4. Oslo City Hall.
  5. Viking Ship Museum, located in the capital of Norway.
  6. The Hanseatic Embankment Bryggen is a stunningly beautiful place located in the Fjord Region.
  7. Fram Museum.
  8. Enumerating the sights of Norway, one can not but mention the park of trolls "Senyatrollet".
  9. Fjord Hardanger is a true Norway orchard, flourishing and fragrant in the spring season.
  10. Vigeland Museum.
  11. Kon-Tiki Museum.
  12. The Flåm Railway She used to work, but now she pleases tourists.
  13. Choposfos waterfall.
  14. National Gallery of Oslo.
  15. The old city of Oslo. Here you can see what was the capital of Norway, when the state was just emerging.
  16. Oslo Botanical Garden.
  17. House-Museum of Edward Grieg.
  18. Opera Oslo is not only a cultural institution, it is also fascinating with its unusual forms of construction.

What to do in this country?

So, what should you definitely do in Norway?

  1. Embark on an exciting cruise on the fjords.
  2. Go beyond the polar circle and see the polar night or the polar day. This is an amazing sight.
  3. Try the national dishes.
  4. Climb to the top of the mountain and look at the stunningly beautiful country from the height of bird flight.

What to bring from Norway?

What to buy in Norway to a tourist?

  • Small Norwegians believe in trolls, so that very popular figurines in the form of these fabulous creatures.
  • You can purchase any product made of deerskin.
  • Be sure to buy a knitted thing, you will probably need it during your stay in the country.
  • Bring Norwegian smoked fish, it is amazingly tasty!
  • Wooden products, painted in the technique of rosomeling (this name translates as "drawing of a rose").
  • National alcoholic drink "Linier-Aquavit".
  • Norwegian cheese.
  • Cheese cutter. She invented it in Norway.
  • Figurine in the form of a Viking rook. Their homeland is Norway.


Special attention deserves the cuisine of Norway. If you like seafood and fish, then it will definitely impress you, as these are the main products. But also in this state they love and often eat sour-milk and dairy products.

And still here meat is valued, but not common for all its species, but more exotic, for example, venison.Lamb is also popular. Not so long ago, the diet of almost all Norwegians included whale meat, but recently the catch of these marine inhabitants has decreased significantly.

Traditional Norwegian dishes include such as lutafisk (smoked cod), klipfisk (dried cod), rakfisk (fermented trout), fenalar (braised ham), smalakhove (braised ram's head), and also pustoost cheeses, gammelost, brunost and some others. The most popular drink is coffee. Also, many people drink beer. And the main traditional strong drink is aquavit infused with caraway seed potatoes.

If you have such an opportunity, be sure to go on a trip to Norway and share your impressions about this amazing country.

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