Of the remnants of threads and yarn, we can weave something interesting

By a certain moment, any needlewoman has a separate bag with the remnants of thread, yarn, and sometimes knitwear and other fabric. Throwing out the remnants of impractical, because of them you can make such a wonderful little thing - a soft round rug! Moreover, it does not need to sew. All the technique consists in the correct interweaving of threads and yarn into a single composition.

For work, take:

  • thick cardboard or other strong base material;
  • remnants of yarn and thread;
  • scissors;
  • large hook (to secure the result).

We begin to weave:

1. First make a blank of corrugated cardboard. Cut the shape of the desired size, make the edges with indentation of 0.5-1 cm notches with scissors.

2. Hook the edge of the thread and begin to twist it through the center of the circle to the opposite side. This work will take some time, but you need to completely fill all the serifs with threads. Do not forget to fasten them together.On the reverse side they will look like loops.

3. Then everything is quite simple: take the yarn (you can even knit a strip) and start weaving it into threads, throwing and pulling it. Twist the base in a circle. Weave should be strictly in one direction - either clockwise or against it. Continue weaving until the whole area is finished. When you run out of yarn, tie it with a thread and take the next piece.

4. When finished, simply remove the thread loops from the cardboard and attach them to the rug using a hook and yarn (one row of a half-column).

The product is ready! You can put a round wicker mat in the bathroom, hallway or living room.

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