How does it feel to live in a trailer

How does it feel to live in a trailer? Many have seen in foreign films mobile trailers, equipped for housing, however, what is it, in fact, to live in such a limited and unusual space? Luxury life in the trailer is not exactly called.

How to make a moon manicure

How to make a moon manicure Once Coco Chanel said that a real lady can not afford to leave the house without a manicure or hairstyle. And though sometimes we do not have any free time or financial opportunities to visit expensive beauty salons.

How to live without PMS

How to live without PMS? Our body is very smart, if it does not interfere, it can repair any damage in 9 months. And if he is a little help with natural balanced plant foods, then even faster. Reproductive system The women's cycle is.

Salad Spruce cones

Spruce cones salad This salad is the real decoration of the New Year's table. Agree, the view is very original, like many New Year's recipes. And the taste is just delicious. Composition: 200 g smoked chicken 150-200 g of processed cheese 3-4 potato tuber.

Increase the communication range of Wi-Fi router

Increase the communication range of Wi Fi router It all started with the fact that my router burned down. The ASUS router stood before the shad earlier, it worked quite tolerably, the distance was enough with a head - catch anywhere in the house.

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