Patterns for knitting needles: diagrams and description

So you decided to knit your exclusive scarf-yoke. It is necessary to pick up materials, tools, and also do not forget about the pattern for snoring with knitting needles. Each knitter has his own level of preparation, so that the patterns will be different. We offer you to plunge into the warm and cozy world of knitting, because the main gift will be a wonderful accessory.

You have already imagined your perfect dream a million times, mentally tried it on, even know how it smells good. It remains a matter of small - just to tie the scarf of your dreams. But where to start? There are several tasks for the novice master to confront. For example, the better knitting, knitting or crocheting? Which yarn to choose? And when these issues are solved, and we have already decided on the material, color and instrument, and we decided that we knit the snitch with knitting needles, which one to choose the pattern of the scheme now depends only on us.

Consider several examples. After all, the way knitting knots are, as absolutely simple and completely original.


Knit snud stockings viscousLet's start with the elementary. This pattern is known to many since school, so it will not be difficult to make such a snod. We will sew odd numbers with facial loops, and even ones with purl loops. Pick up colored yarn and you will get a beautiful and original scarf.

Garter bandage

Knit LIC garter stitchAnother basic pattern is a garter stitch. After a set of loops, we remove the first (edge) loop and begin to knit with front loops for the front wall. The last loop in the row is knotted. And so on, we walk in a circle, knitting the whole scarf.

English gum

Knit snud english gumKnit facial loop, remove the next, not knitting. We knit another facial. Wrong loop, we do a nakid, and then we remove not knitted loop. Before a loop, which we weave with a purl, we nakid and remove, the next loop is knitted front, behind the front wall.

Honeycomb Pattern

And this binding looks very stylish, the texture of weaving is soft and loose. However, this is a simple pattern that will suit beginner knitters.

  1. knit Loose honeycomb patternThe first row knits in the same way as when observing the pattern of English gum.
  2. In the second row 2 front loops are knitted at once, then a nakid is made and the next loop is removed.
  3. The third row is similar to the first.
  4. The fourth row - and we do a nakid, remove the loop and knit 2 facial loops at once.
  5. The fifth row - 2 facial loops, the next we remove.

Star Pattern

This pattern looks extremely impressive. It does not use circular knitting, so you can use ordinary knitting needles, and then sew the product on the sides. Pattern repeat - 4 loops in width and 4 rows in height. We collect the number of loops, a multiple of 4, subtract one and add 2 edge loops.

  1. Knit Loose Star PatternFirst row: we put a needle into 3 loops in a row, knit them on the front, leave it on the left needle, double crochet and knit again on the front. Remove these 3 loops and the next loop is the usual front loop.
  2. Second row: all loops purl.
  3. Third row: 2 face loops, the next 3 loops alternately knit, as in the first row. Newly face loop, then grab 3 loops, knit them with the face, and then a single face loop. The last 2 loops, we sew, as in the beginning and make the edge loop.
  4. Fourth row: purl loops.

How to choose a pattern for sleep?

We tried the simplest patterns for the use of knitting needles, schemes and description you could also see on our page. As soon as you learn how to weave basic patterns, you will want to move on to something more complex. Of course, you will have the idea of ​​weaving a laced or snagged pigtail.

According to this scheme, you can weave a wonderful stylish dream that will decorate your look.

Knit a stylish pattern for sleep

The scheme of a stylish pattern for sleepAnd this pattern looks very impressive, just amazing.

Beautiful pattern for a snoreThe scheme of a beautiful pattern for the creeps knittingYou can tie this pigtail with your own hands. The braid is padded on 16 loops.

Knit snoud braid

  1. To begin with, we weave a pigtail from alternate face and purl loops on the garter weave field.
  2. We weave a 16-row spit canvas and then weave: we drop 8 loops from the 17th row. We knit 8 loops from the second part of the braid, after which we weave 8 loops with additional knitting needles.

You can knit such a pattern “spikelets” according to the presented pattern and make yourself an amazing gift.

Knit Loose Pattern SpikeletsScheme knitting snoot pattern spikelets

Beautiful scarf-tube can be connected with the help of video lessons. If you have chosen a pearl pattern or a double-sided pattern in the form of a pigtail, watch the video instructions from experienced knitters and repeat after them. You will have your own masterpiece, which will be the subject of your pride.

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