Peculiarities of tobacco growing

Tobacco began its "journey" around the world 4,000 years ago. It was then that the tribes of North American Indians discovered that the sheets of this small bush could be smoked, and used them in religious rites. Tobacco seeds were brought to Europe thanks to the Spanish monk, Froy Roman Pano, in 15 degree. Now this plant can be grown even in the garden. Let's find out how to do it right.

Benefit vs harm

To grow tobacco will not be difficult, it is not too whimsical, and has a more pleasant aroma and taste than the well-known shag. This is exactly what pleases mostly heavy smokers, and causes a storm of indignation of those who oppose bad habits.

But tobacco, as it turns out, can not only smoke or smell, it is also a great helper for those who vainly struggle with garden and garden pests.

And the leaves are even used in traditional medicine for the treatment of various diseases, applying them externally.

But before sowing seeds, it is important to remember that the properties and quality of this product will directly depend on the type of soil in which it will grow.

And the undoubted advantage of the plant is that it easily adapts to any weather conditions and climate.

Process features

How to grow tobacco? To get started is to decide on the grade. For Russian latitudes, Trapezond, Jubilee and Ostrolist are the most suitable.

Growing seedlings

Since tobacco requires a long frost-free period, it is advisable to start growing it with seedlings. For this, seeds are soaked for a day in water with a temperature not lower than +25 degrees. After that, they are dried and laid out in several layers, covered with wet gauze, and occasionally moistened. The temperature in the room should not fall below +27 degrees, so you can do it in the greenhouse at the cottage.

When the seeds germinate, they must be transplanted into the boxes with the ground, and to transfer on the temperature regime in the +20 degrees. The soil in this case should be watered very carefully, without drying or waterlogged, so that the plant has retained all of its required properties.

The optimal time for landing is the end of February - the beginning of March. It is important in the period of growing seedlings periodically feed her. It is best to do this with mineral fertilizers or chicken droppings.


Open ground for tobacco should have a sufficient level of moisture, but the site should be chosen in such a way that it does not accumulate moisture, especially after rain.

Before planting, the soil should be properly loosened and composted. 7-10 days before planting, seedlings must be periodically taken out into the open air, so that it “tempered”, and also to reduce the frequency of watering. 2 days before disembarking it stops altogether.

The distance between the future shrubs of smoking tobacco should be at least 20 cm, and the emerging inflorescences in the future will need to break off.

In the process of transplanting plants also need additional feeding, a mixture of clay and cow manure is suitable for this. Every plant is dipped into it before being placed in the soil.

Further care for household tobacco consists in periodically loosening the spacing, as well as fertilizing. For this fit a special mix or chicken manure.

During the vegetation period, you should also follow the rules of watering, and do it no more than 2-3 times in all time.


When you notice that the leaves of the plant began to change its color from green to yellow-green or light green, you can start collecting.But it is also worth being prepared for the fact that this process can take several weeks, since the leaves on one bush can be of different colors and degrees of “maturity”.

After harvesting, the “harvest” must be removed in a dry place for 12 hours, and then carefully thread a thread through each sheet and hang it up to dry. If you do this in the sun, then the process will take an average of 1.5-2 weeks.

When the tobacco is completely dry, it is removed, smoothed and folded in small piles. Now it is ready for use.

Such a simple process of growing tobacco at home gives you the opportunity to get a high-quality smoking mixture, as well as a natural means for pest control.

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