Perfect Bridal Makeup Bride

For every girl, a wedding celebration is a major day in her life. The bride must necessarily look luxurious on this day: the wedding makeup must be perfect, the hair style is chic, the manicure is delicate, and the dress is snow white.

Wedding is an exciting event, so you need to prepare very carefully for it, especially for girls, because on this day everyone’s attention will be riveted to them. It is worthwhile to approach the choice of each element in the image of the bride responsibly and then you are provided with a fine mood on the wedding day.

Wedding makeup should be made perfect. The bride is a symbol of tenderness, lightness and beauty. But at the same time you should not completely give preference to natural make-up. It all depends on the appearance of the girl, if she is naturally bright, then natural in bed tones may suit her, but for other girls it is worth choosing more saturated colors.

The main requirement for the makeup of the bride - is his resistance.

Therefore, cosmetics should be of high quality. This is not worth saving.It is also important how professional cosmetics are applied. You can certainly make it yourself, but it's better to trust in professionals in this matter.

Even if you are sure which shades of shadows are best for you, you still need to apply makeup yourself - this is an additional excitement, it is unlikely that you need it. While the make-up artist will do its job, you can temporarily close your eyes and relax. A few days before the solemn event, decide on the option and let the make-up artist make it for you. So you will know in advance whether it suits you or not. Makeup is preferably selected by type of appearance and hair color.

For brunettes

Start make-up with skin cleansing, take the usual means for this procedure. Then apply a moisturizer to the skin, your skin on the wedding day will experience serious stress. Let it be absorbed. Corrector hide the flaws of the skin. Now you can apply a foundation and powder. It is important that they fit your skin type, otherwise the makeup may turn out to be comical and not neat.

Brunettes, owners of black hair, with dark skin, will be suited to the ocher tonal means that give the skin a tan. Powder and tone should be the same color scale. Blush will help to "refresh" the face.Brunettes fit peach tones.

For girls with brown hair and fair-skinned tonal means of ivory color, blush can be taken pink.

Brunettes eyes should pay special attention. Wedding make-up for brown eyes can be made in different colors. Be sure to use eyeliner, it is a fairly durable tool, just do not draw too fat line. Makeup should be natural. Touche take a black and water resistant. For girls with green eyes, it is better to take a brown mascara. If you want, you can stick eyelashes. Brown-eyed shade suit golden, brown, gray and blue shades.

Since in the makeup we focus on the eyes, lips should not be made too bright. But it is worth highlighting them. Apply a drop of foundation to your lips, then powder them. Apply lipstick or gloss peach, delicate pink or brown.

For blondes

Blondes are like angels, so the wedding makeup of blondes should be light and gentle.

Fair-haired girls should not choose the foundation and powder of dark colors - it is not necessary that the complexion is different from the color of the hair.Blondes often have fair skin, so give preference to light, bodily shades. Blush may be pink.

In the make-up of the eyes of the blonde brides fit peach, pink, green, bronze shades of shadows. Use a pencil instead of eyeliner. Mascara is better to take a brown color, it will make your eyes bright, but unlike black ink it will look much more harmonious. Do not take a dark eyebrow pencil, it will ruin the makeup. Lipstick can be pink, coral or peach. Mack up blonde should not be too “puppet” refuse contrasting colors.

Well-done makeup,definitely please the bride. After all, she will be self-confident and can safely go to meet a happy family life.

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