Perfect eyebrows at home in 3 minutes ... Just follow the instructions!

Every girl dreams of a beautiful face attracting the eyes of the opposite sex. Expressive look, charming smile, subtle features - everything becomes more attractive and wonderful when the girl has a fine eyebrow. It is not necessary to order the eyebrow care procedure in the beauty salon or from a specialist’s friend. You can make matchless eyebrows, shape at home - so you can fully control the process and not have to pay extra amounts.

The famous master Jimena Garcia, who works in her own studio, in which American fashionable women often drop in, has compiled a simple instruction for shaping the perfect shape of eyebrows.

Thickly, generously paint the hairs with a soft eyebrow pencil, and better with mascara, so that the pigment is on the hairs, and not on the skin.

Attach the white paper and press tightly to get a fairly clear imprint.

This is your current eyebrow.

The secret of the perfect eyebrows

How to make the perfect eyebrow shape itself? Right on a piece of paper, note where her “body” is the middle section that you will not touch, which hairs clearly look superfluous (usually at the beginning of the eyebrow and above the top edge).

Great, now you can stop!

Now you have your own, not looking artificial eyebrow of good shape and with a clear contour!

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