Plasticine painting

Pictures in the technique of "plasticine painting" amaze the imagination. A manufacturing technology is so elementary that it can handle even a child of preschool age. Smears on the base are created by pulling a plasticine piece or ball with a finger. You can draw an incredibly beautiful landscape, make a still life or a bouquet in the form of a painting. All this is subject to this technique. This master class will teach you how to make a picture of the autumn theme in the technique of "plasticine painting". For work, you need the bare minimum of materials: - thick white cardboard (rectangular shape, A4 size); - colored plasticine set; - thin wooden stick or stack.
plasticine painting
Plasticine is better to use soft, which is easy to warm up and stretch. But the usual hard clay will do as well, just hold it up on the battery before work,then it will become more pliable for molding. So, the picture will show the autumn landscape. You can draw a simple pencil outlines of the image. But, if you have a good imagination, then act on the eye. First, take the blue clay, remember a little hands. Then tear off small pieces, apply them to the cardboard and coat with your fingers on the base. The river goes out.
plasticine painting
Then draw two sandy beads from beige plasticine.

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