Polymer clay electric guitar

Materials and tools: cut out the contour of an electric guitar made of paper, polymer clay (blue, black and silver), a special knife for plastics or stationery, toothpicks, pins with balls at the end (12 pieces), lacquer for plastics. 1 . Cut out the contour of the electric guitar. In this master class, the model is based on the ROCKDALE RS-95 STBL blue. Roll out a layer of blue clay 3-4 millimeters thick and attach a contour to it. Cut out the silhouette of the guitar with a knife. Remove the contour.
 polymer clay electric guitar
 polymer clay electric guitar
 polymer clay electric guitar
2. Take a wire and knock it with a hammer so that it becomes flat. This will make the wire more durable. Attach a piece of wire to the guitar along the fingerboard and press it. Again, apply the contour to the clay and cut the protruding edges.Bake your guitar in a convection oven.
 electric guitar made of polymer clay

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