Powerful penetrating lubricant

The penetrating lubricant, which is being discussed, is many times greater than the most common WD-40 tool that everyone so likes to use when unscrewing old, rusted bolts and nuts. Very often, when you try to unscrew the rusty threaded connection, we suffer a failure and the bolt breaks. It's not so scary if it has free access and is easy to replace. But our life is not deprived of irony, and on an evil occasion the scrapping occurs in the most inaccessible place. Or a place where the pin breaks under the root and besides how to drill a hole there is no other way out. To avoid such cases, or to minimize this result, a personal lubricant was developed. Everything was learned by experience.

The first recipe for powerful penetrating lubricant

This option is great for heavily rusted parts. The composition is as follows:
  • White spirit - 50 gr.
  • Dry lubricant, such as Forum - 5 gr. Another is also suitable - graphite, molybdenum, and so on.
  • A rust converter, such as Tsinkar, Tsinkor, etc.- 50 gr.

Manufacturing of penetrating lubricant

Pouring white spirit into the container.
The most powerful penetrating lubricant
Then add a dry lubricant.
Powerful penetrating lubricant
And rust converter.
The most powerful penetrating lubricant
All is well mixed and poured into the sprayer.
The most powerful penetrating lubricant
We test with a typewriter for friction.
The most powerful penetrating lubricant
The result is that the machine shaft could not be braked with a load on the lever above 11 kg! Although the purchased WD-40 caused the shaft to stop already for 4 kg of the applied effort. Now we will test the self-made penetrating lubricant in real conditions. Clamp a rusty stud with a bolt in a vice. Spray the grease. The reaction will be immediately visible, as there is a rust converter in the composition that reacts to corrosion.
The most powerful penetrating lubricant
And as a result, the nut is very easy to unscrew. The secret of this lubricant is simple:The rust converter eats away rust, white spirit promotes good penetration, and solid lubricant has a good lubricating effect. As a result, our goal has been achieved - the nut is turned off, the stud is intact. But this miracle has lubricants and its own drawbacks: it must be shaken every time before use. Just particles of dry lubricant can clog in the atomizer nozzle. Well, it is desirable to make such a composition in small quantities and only before use, since the properties after prolonged storage, in my opinion, are significantly lost.

The second recipe powerful penetrating grease with your own hands

The second composition is more stable and is designed to drastically reduce the friction in threaded assemblies during their unwinding. Composition:
  • White spirit solvent, 646 - 50 g.
  • Waterproof lubricant, graphite, Zelenka type - 5 g.
  • Prolong additive additive - 10 gr.
Add grease to the mixing vessel.Powerful penetrating lubricant
Then pour the solvent.
The most powerful penetrating lubricant
Stir until the lubricant dissolves completely in a solvent. The most powerful penetrating lubricant Add an additive.
The most powerful penetrating lubricant
Again, mix well and pour into the sprayer.
The most powerful penetrating lubricant
The most powerful penetrating lubricant

Comparative test in real conditions with WD-40

We will clamp a rusty bracket with nuts in a vice. Initially sprinkle the WD-40. Turn to grease into the thread. Next, take the torque wrench and measure the effort.
The most powerful penetrating lubricant
The initial force without lubrication is 56 N / m. With the WD-40, the force was just over 42 N / m. Lubricant from its own composition showed a force much less than 42 N / m. But it was not possible to measure it below, since the key does not allow - the scale has ended. But on sensations, the effort applied for loosening is essentially lower. As you can see, such home-made lubricants work fine and easily surpass the existing purchased analogues. So friends, make your composition and you will forget about broken bolts and keys!

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