Disposable diaper stroller

A stroller made of disposable diapers or diapers is not only an original, but also a functional gift. After all, such a stroller can always be unpacked and all accessories belonging to it can be used for its intended purpose. Recently, meeting a woman in childbirth from a maternity hospital with a baby, it is becoming more and more important to give, in addition to the notorious bouquet of flowers, gifts made of diapers and elements of children's clothing. This gift is suitable not only for the baby, but for the baby over, the main thing is to decide on the size of the diapers. Carriages from diapers are given for baptisms, birthday, birthday to children from 0 to a year and a half.  Stroller from disposable diapers

In order to make a stroller of diapers you need: - disposable diapers - an average pack -diaper - 1 piece - swing shirt or blouse - 1 piece - handkerchief - 1 piece - diaper or children's sheet - 1 piece - cardboard for making a frame - stapler, safety pins - elastic band - ribbons for decoration - toys or children's cosmetics at will - gift wrapping 1. We make the frame of the stroller. Take a strip of cardboard length of 60-70 cm and a height of 10-15 cm. We connect the ends of the strip with a stapler, forming an oval. Stretch the resulting cardboard ring rubber band.

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