"Pregnant" video Borodina called blasphemy

TV presenter frankly trolls subscribers. But she could hardly have expected such a reaction to her jokes.

In the sense of humor, the presenter will not refuse. On the harsh and tactless comments, she replies no-no and yes - so that fans of “getting to the bottom of the star” blush and run away, and Xenia's fans happily laugh and put huskies in the hundreds. Borodin, of course, is already used to the fact that in her pictures they are constantly looking for signs of correction by the photo editor, and in her figure - signs of pregnancy. I really want fans to give birth to a son too. Apparently, such attempts to get into her private life presenter bored, and she delicately hinted to fans that delicacy is not a vice. She put a hint in the form of a short video on her Instagram page.

July 14, 2018 at 6:18 PDT

“When you are congratulated on your pregnancy, it’s just a swimsuit that sulked,” the TV presenter ironically signed.

Well, yes, it happens, one-piece swimsuits tend to inflate when wet. It turned out funny. But in the comments such a storm began that simply amazed.

“There are things that are not very good to laugh at. From this video an unpleasant aftertaste. Here everyone shouts: oh what? Sense of humor is not? But this is holy. How is that?! I swatted the child myself, ”- for the sake of completeness, we retained the author's spelling and punctuation.

In general, among the subscribers of Xenia there were those who found her “pregnant” joke a blasphemy. And even predicted the presenter ambulance punishment of heaven for such tricks.

However, most followers of the joke just laughed. And some even seriously believed that Xenia was pregnant, and then they were also seriously upset that they were not.

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