Properly rent an apartment: tips and tricks

How to rent an apartment

How to rent an apartment

Well, today on our website of useful tips, we again decided to raise the notorious housing problem. Only recently we were talking about, and now we decided to consider a slightly different situation. Our today's article will tell you how to rent an apartment. A separate article discusses how a sublease business is carried out.


If you suddenly turned out to be the owner of an empty living space, then pretty soon a rather rational thought will knock on your smart head that this apartment should not just stand idle, it’s better to let it bring money.


The decision to rent an apartment suggests itself. Do not sell the same, in the end, this apartment, because it is still useful.


An apartment sold will be able to bring you a lot of money right away, but a rented apartment with a mind will be a stable and profitless income.


But where to start? Where to find tenants? Do I need to contact the services of realtors? What to ask for rent? Read about it below.



Issue price



Firstly, it is necessary to clearly define what kind of amount you want to receive for living in your apartment of strangers.


Well, of course, you want a hundred million, but it should be clearly understood that not a single tenant will pay you this amount.


Consequently, a very important point is to request exactly the right amount.


How to do it? Everything is very simple: you just need to study the relevant offers on the market.


Read the ads in newspapers, on pillars and stops, on the Internet - so you will know what the average cost of renting housing in your area.


To determine the exact amount, you should evaluate how attractive your apartment is in terms of tenants: what condition it is in, what condition the house is in .


A definite advantage may be the connected Internet, as well as the telephone and the presence of a washing machine.


Do not overstate the cost of living space - because the apartment can stand empty for many months until it is available.


And then these people can find more suitable options and leave you and your beautiful but inadequately expensive apartment.



Do I turn to realtors?



This question is likely to arise in all those who are going to conduct any actions with real estate - whether it's rent, sale or purchase of housing.


It is possible to rent an apartment correctly, either with the help of specialized agencies or without them.


The involvement of intermediaries can entail some money spent on your part, but at the same time frees you from many troubles to find tenants and independently draft a contract.


But it is only important to turn to a real estate agency, and not to some scammers.


For this reason, read the contract with a real estate agency very carefully before putting your signature in it. This agreement should clearly indicate what exactly the agency should do and in what time frame, and also outline the actions in case the obligations are not met on time.


Remember that the right realtors take money from you for their work only after the fact of successful settling of tenants in your apartment, and not just after the conclusion of the contract.If money is immediately demanded from you, then immediately run from such an office, it’s impossible to rent an apartment through these comrades.



Where to find tenants?



If you decide to do everything yourself, then the search for lodgers is your headache.


First, it is better to learn from friends - perhaps they (or their friends, or maybe friends of their friends) idle sleep and see to live in your apartment. But if your acquaintances (or their acquaintances, as well as acquaintances of acquaintances) quite happily live in their own apartments, then you have three ways:


1. to advertise that the living space is rented in a newspaper, on the Internet or on street pillars;

2. to find an advertisement for those who want to rent a living space in a newspaper, on the Internet and on street pillars;

3. To carry out simultaneously the first and second paragraphs.


How to rent an apartment

How to rent an apartment

Do not forget that you can correctly rent an apartment using any method. What is important here is a personal meeting with all applicants for your apartment (this is especially true when the agency is looking for tenants for you - after all, they don’t care, but for you, just the opposite).



The perfect lodger, what is he?



There is no definite answer to this question, because each person is unique and individual. It often happens that three students and a cat can bring less hassle than a quiet-looking aunt of balzac age.


Personal contact is extremely important. Do not go on about prejudice, it's better to meet with all the candidates personally, whether it's a student who has a pet, a young mummy with a baby, a family of a different nationality, or a couple of not quite traditional orientations.



Make a contract



An important condition for the proper delivery of housing is the presence of a properly drawn up rental agreement. In this contract it is necessary to prescribe almost all the small details of the residence of tenants in your residential area, for example:


The term of this contract, the terms of renewal or termination.


The amount of payment for housing, as well as the timing of exactly when this payment should be paid. It is best to take the money in advance, then you will not have to face a situation where tenants move out without paying for the last month of their stay. It is also necessary to discuss who will pay for utilities, telephone, electricity and the Internet.


Who exactly will live in the apartment, and whether relatives can visit them for a long time. Also, be sure to discuss the possibility of living with the tenants of their personal pets.


Obligatory in this contract should be indicated the address of the apartment being handed over, as well as the complete data of the contracting parties.


If you want to rent an apartment correctly, our website recommends that you attach an inventory to your contract, which will describe in detail (you can even with photos) the condition of the apartment before the tenants moved into it. Tell me how often you will come to check the condition of your property.



Protect yourself



First of all, before you rent an apartment, be sure to privatize it - there have been cases when tenants in some strange way managed to rewrite the rented living space for themselves.


Then you need to insure your apartment, you never know what other people can do with it. The standard type of insurance for an apartment for one year is about 5-7 thousand rubles, and if you insure only the civil liability (for example, the bay of neighbors), then absolutely a penny.


Third, do not be greedy and pay income tax, it can protect you from many possible problems. If you want to rent an apartment correctly, then do it in a legal way. To do this, you must go with the contract to the district tax office, where it will be registered.


How to rent an apartment? To this end, it is only necessary to find suitable tenants, and also draw up an agreement.


To do this correctly, do not forget to assess the situation from the other side: would you like to rent this apartment specifically on these specific conditions? If the answer is yes, then you are doing everything right.

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