Pros and cons of acrylic bathtubs

If you choose a bath and can not decide yet, then consider modern acrylic models. But first find out all their pros and cons.

Acrylic baths: what are they?

Acrylic baths appeared relatively recently, but have already gained popularity and become popular. For their manufacture, polymeric synthetic material acryl is used. It melts at high temperatures and gains flexibility.

Next, a capacity is formed from the heated soft acrylic. But in itself, such a material does not differ in the strength and strength of steel and cast iron; therefore, acrylic baths are often reinforced with a metal mesh or frame. Also in the production of applied layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin, smoothing the surface and giving it an aesthetic and attractive shine.


First, consider the main advantages of acrylic baths:

  • The main advantage is the low weight, which is about 30-50 kilograms, depending on the shape and size of the product (cast iron models weigh more than 90-100 kg).And this feature allows you to reduce the load that falls on the floor and equip the bathroom even on the second floor of a cottage or a private house.
  • The acrylic bath can have almost any size and variety of shapes, because the material at the production stage is highly flexible, which allows you to experiment with the design of the product and get the original performance. In addition, in addition to the standard, many other color options are available.
  • High heat capacity and low thermal conductivity. Such characteristics mean that the bath of acrylic will retain heat for a long time, without releasing it outside the tank. And it will allow you to enjoy hot water much longer, without allowing it to cool quickly.
  • No noise when filling the tub with water. The jet, beating against the wall, practically does not make any sounds due to the excellent sound insulation properties of the material.
  • By purchasing an acrylic product, you will not encounter such a problem as chips and other damage to the enamel. Even after mechanical stress, the material will retain its qualities.
  • Damage during the operation of the bathtub is possible, but the emerging defects are quickly and easily eliminated with the help of special repair or restoration tools.Moreover, the cosmetic repair is quite possible to do it yourself.
  • Extremely simple care. Smooth coating of epoxy resins practically does not absorb impurities. To maintain cleanliness, it is enough to rinse the bottom and walls after each bath or shower. And the dirt is removed with ordinary soap and hot water.
  • The product retains a shade and other external qualities for a long time.
  • Easy installation. Since the bath is lightweight, its installation is greatly simplified and can be carried out by one person. And the kit may include ready-made legs that you just need to fix on the product with fasteners.
  • The possibility of equipping an acrylic bath with additional functions, such as hydromassage, aeration, automatic overflow, lighting and other. This is due to the fact that the installation of equipment is simplified, because acrylic is much softer than cast iron.


Now let's list the shortcomings:

  • High price. The average price of an acrylic bath is about 15 thousand rubles, while many cast-iron models cost less than 10,000 rubles.
  • Possible flexibility and fragility. If the bath does not have a strong frame and a reliable reinforcing layer, then it is able to sag under the weight of an adult, especially a large one.And inexpensive and low-quality products can significantly deform and even crack.
  • Relatively short service life, not exceeding 10-15 years. Cast iron models serve several decades, keeping reliability and durability.
  • High sensitivity to chemical attack. So, if you use aggressive and containing abrasive particles, acids and alkali detergents for cleaning, the surface may become scratched or stained. So for the care should be applied only gentle and mild formulations.
  • Low resistance to elevated temperatures. Although acrylic melts only at 150-160 degrees, it can deform with prolonged exposure to hot water. To a greater extent, such a minus applies to inexpensive products with thin unreinforced walls.
  • When installing a large bath, there may be some difficulties, because to ensure stability, you need to fix the entire bottom, and also partially the walls. This may require considerable effort and professional assistance.
  • When a heavy object falls into the bath, chips may form on the surface.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a good acrylic bath? When buying such a product, be guided by the following criteria:

  1. The size. If you are planning to install a bath in an apartment with a bathroom of a small area, then you will have to choose a compact product.
  2. The form. You should not choose a bath of complex intricate shape, because such a product will probably have thin walls and have low strength. Especially should guard the abundance of small parts.
  3. Wall thickness. The larger it is, the more durable and reliable the product will be. The acrylic layer should be at least 5-6 millimeters thick. The frame should also be solid. To evaluate a parameter, knock on the walls: you must hear a deaf sound without vibrations. You can also light on the product with a flashlight outside. If the light passes through the product, then it is certainly subtle.
  4. Colour. It should be uniform and uniform.
  5. Assess the surface of the product, carefully examining it, as well as running it by hand. It should be absolutely smooth and pleasant to the touch. The presence of roughness, bumps, irregularities, dents and other defects should be alerted.
  6. Price. It can not be too low, because, firstly, acrylic is a rather expensive material.Secondly, the manufacture of high-quality and durable baths - a complex, multi-step and costly process. So the suspiciously low cost should definitely alert.
  7. Smell. It should not be harsh, chemical, reminiscent of poor-quality Chinese plastic. If you notice such a "flavor", then it will intensify when heated. In addition, inhalation of vapors released during thermal exposure may be hazardous to health.

If you decide to purchase an acrylic bath, then go to the store to find the right model.

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