Pros and cons of natural hair shampoos

In our life, an increasing place is given to new products from different spheres of human activity, in which natural components are replaced by chemical ones, which may be and serves progress, but negatively affects health. Humanity dreams of extending life, despite the ecological situation in the world, replacing natural goods with artificial ones, and some individuals are moving from dreams to actions, giving preference to all natural.

For example, cosmetics and care products for skin and hair, including natural hair shampoos. The composition of natural ingredients has a beneficial effect on the health of the head of hear and its appearance, helps to prolong the youth of its owner and save vitality. We offer to talk about natural shampoos, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as about the criteria for choosing such a means that every woman needs.

What does the manufacturer offer us?

All shampoos that we meet on store shelves can be divided into three categories:

Each category has its own properties that determine the consumer demand for it.

For mass-consumption shampoos, the main quality is inherent - they perfectly clean hair from various impurities, due to its composition with surfactants that help remove grease, dust and dirt. However, washing away the pollution, you risk losing the natural and natural cover, so necessary for hair to live.

The result is dry and brittle hair with split ends. Selection of the ideal shampoo from this category is rather time-consuming, often it is necessary to supplement the product with regenerating cosmetics to support curls and impart lost qualities to them. A definite plus - accessibility for all segments of the population.

Professional shampoos are very popular among women, because they have an instant result and composition of softer cleansing substances, in comparison with the above category, are supplemented with all the minerals necessary for healthy hair.However, the agent has to be used frequently and regularly, since preservatives from its composition provide a short-term effect.

In addition, the lion's share of professional shampoos is created according to a certain type of hair, and the wrong choice exacerbates the problem. Well, and, it is impossible not to note the high cost, which serves as a barrier to the mass segment on the way to a luxurious head of hair.

Shampoos made from natural ingredients, in comparison with the mass and professional cosmetics, are the ideal choice. Their useful qualities, which make it possible to heal hair with the help of natural main ingredients that are suitable for any hair type, clean and make it attractive, along with affordability, make the product a good tool for a woman who leads a healthy lifestyle and looks after her appearance. In addition, the natural coating of the hair is preserved.

Such important components

The composition of shampoos is extremely important, especially in the presence of allergies. The main guideline for the purchase of the product is a limited number of ingredients and their naturalness. Most often in the list you can find the components in the form:

  1. Wheat germ proteins, which helps to restore the damaged hair structure due to the amino acid composition of the ingredient, nourishes and retains moisture. Proteins are widely used in the creation of cosmetics, entering the composition of creams, children's cosmetics, detergents for the face and body.
  2. Essential oils that are so inherent for natural cosmetics. They are necessary for moisturizing, nourishing and restoring hair, and some of them for antiseptic therapeutic effects. The most common essential oils - barberry, lavender, citrus, clove, almond. There are exotic. For example, argan oil helps to stop allergies, nourish hair and add natural shine to it.
  3. Extracts of plants for giving hair silkiness and volume, other important qualities. For example, using rosemary extract, you can get rid of skin irritations and redness, remove dandruff with the help of aloe vera extract and stop the process of hair loss, moisturize them, heal damage. Calamus rhizome strengthens hair follicles, and avocado extract will add shine, silkiness and elasticity to hair.
  4. Provitamin B5 or D-panthenol for deep moisturizing and softening of hair, normalization of water-lipid metabolism, preservation of moisture.

Each listed component is natural, harmless, and has a long history of use by previous generations, proving its effectiveness in medicine and cosmetology.

Advantages and disadvantages

The rationality of the choice of natural shampoos can be assessed by weighing all the pros and cons. So, the pros:

  • preservation of the natural acid-base balance of the scalp;
  • reducing the risk of dandruff;
  • obstruction of the symptoms of alopecia;
  • presence of antioxidant and antiseptic properties;
  • saturation with vitamins for internal hair replenishment.

Cons of natural shampoos:

  • the inability to remove pollution in one step;
  • when changing the usual means for the natural presence of temporary dry hair with loss of volume;
  • the possibility of an allergic reaction to herbal extracts from the composition.

Selection rules

It is safe to say that there is no shortage of the proposed funds, but there is a difficulty with the choice, due to the variety of brands and shopping lines.Of course, it is better to purchase goods in a specialized store, with a wide range of different tools, focusing not only on price, quality and composition, but also on the level of service with the ability to provide support with professional advice. How to choose the product correctly:

  1. Focus on the manufacturer of natural cosmetics, in the range of which only environmentally friendly products. If the product line of the brand contains a product declared as natural, but there are a number of chemical components in the list of ingredients, then refuse from such a manufacturer.
  2. Pay attention to the shelf life of the product. A distinctive feature of the natural product is the shelf life, not exceeding three to six months after opening, as there are no strong preservatives in the composition that contribute to the loss of properties of natural components during prolonged storage. The term is specified in the instructions for shampoo.
  3. Carefully study the makeup. The name Sodium lauryl sulfate indicates the presence of an aggressive component, and the inability to classify cosmetics as natural.Look for herbal ingredients like lauril glucoside, lauret sulfosuccinate, cocoglucoside, made from hair-safe substances, such as glucose and coconut oil.

These tips will help you choose a quality product that is not dangerous for your hair.

Home option means

Make a natural shampoo with your own hands is not difficult, but in its use there will be no doubt, unlike the store options. People's experience has gained a lot of recipes for such care products for curls. Natural ingredients are available, and hair after homemade shampoo is beautiful, strong and healthy. We offer recipes, depending on the type of hair:

  1. Use mustard shampoo. A tablespoon of the product is diluted with two liters of warm water. This composition is great for oily hair, eliminates the unpleasant greasy shine, longer leaves hair clean.
  2. Make home cosmetics from three components - yolk, butter and lemon, for dry hair. The mixture is prepared from one chicken egg yolk, twenty milliliters of vegetable oil, a similar amount of lemon juice, which is then supplemented with three tablespoons of freshly squeezed carrot juice and a drop of neutral shampoo. It is desirable to hold the product on hair for five minutes, and then rinse with warm water.
  3. If you have dyed hair, give preference to nettle shampoo. To make it you need a hundred grams of fresh plant or dry, a liter of water and half a liter of vinegar. The mixture is boiled on low heat for half an hour, then filtered. For one procedure, two or three glasses of broth, added to a container of water, are sufficient.

Women who use natural cosmetics for hair care are well aware that only natural gifts can be harmless to health, and not be afraid to change their established habits.

And for those who are still thinking, we advise you not to doubt the quality of such means and join the advocates of everything natural and natural - food, clothing, and cosmetics. Moreover, the trend towards the production of environmentally friendly products is steadily growing, and in the West it has long been welcomed not only by screen stars, but also by ordinary citizens.

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