Pros and cons of vegetable milk

Milk is considered one of the most useful products. Everyone knows that it is given by representatives of cattle: cows, goats, sheep, horses. But it turns out that this product may have a different origin. So-called vegetable milk is becoming more and more popular. Find out how useful it is, as well as note a few cooking recipes.

What it is?

Vegetable milk can not be considered a substitute for more familiar cow, goat and any other. It is made from various ingredients: legumes, some cereals, nuts. Milk was called such a product for its consistency and color: it is also liquid and light, often close to beige or cream.

The method of preparation is quite simple: first, the raw materials are soaked in water or poured with boiling water so that it becomes swollen, then crushed to a puree uniform state, and then squeezed and filtered through gauze. The result is a clear liquid slightly thicker than ordinary animal milk, in which there is a large part of the components that make up the original ingredients.


What is the use of vegetable milk? It absorbs the lion's share of valuable substances contained in raw materials used for cooking. Consider a few of the most popular types and their useful properties:

  1. Coconut milk contains vitamins of group B, organic acids. It strengthens the immune system, normalizes metabolic processes, strengthens nerve cells.
  2. Oat milk promotes the normalization of digestion, helps to control appetite and gives energy for several hours.
  3. Pumpkin milk due to the content of vitamins of group B, protein, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium strengthens the immune system and heart muscle, improves memory.
  4. Nut milk is rich in vitamin E, therefore it is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radical activity, protects against cancer and stops premature aging.
  5. Soy milk is good for digestion, reduces cholesterol, improves the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.
  6. Almond milk increases brain activity, has anti-inflammatory effects, strengthens bones.

Any kind can be considered a good source of vegetable protein,which is absorbed by the human body better than an animal. Proteins are needed to strengthen muscle tissue and the formation of new cells. Also, all of these drinks give energy, as they contain carbohydrates in significant quantities.

Pros and cons of the product

First, consider all the benefits of vegetable milk:

  • The product absorbs all the most useful from the original ingredients: vitamins, macro- and trace elements, minerals, fatty acids, protein and so on.
  • Drink will be an excellent substitute for regular milk for allergy sufferers, vegetarians and people who simply do not like and do not eat dairy products.
  • Vegetable milk is easy to prepare at home, and it does not require complex special devices.
  • The drink is absorbed faster, better and more fully than cow's milk, so it can be drunk to the elderly and weakened people.
  • This is a great way to diversify the diet and try something new and non-standard.
  • The product can not only be consumed in its original form, but also used for cooking various dishes: add to desserts, pastries and cocktails, enter into hot dishes and soups.


  • Drink may be more expensive than the usual milk, especially if it is made from nuts or other non-expensive ingredients.
  • Not everyone likes the specific taste of vegetable milk, which is very different from the taste qualities of milk of animal origin.
  • If cow or goat milk is completely ready for use (in some cases only boiling is necessary), then homemade vegetable must be prepared. Ready to drink found in the store is not easy.
  • There are contraindications, and they fully coincide with those relating to the raw materials.
  • Vegetable milk can be more high-calorie and fat.

How to make the right choice?

How to choose vegetable milk? In general, while such a product is not popular, therefore, it is not so easy to find it in regular stores, especially in small towns. Perhaps, he will be included in the assortment of specialized departments of healthy food or goods for vegetarians.

When buying the first thing, pay attention to the composition. Ideally, it should include only water and the main ingredient used as a raw material: soybeans, rice, nuts, oatmeal, and so on.Some manufacturers enrich milk with minerals and vitamins, and they will be superfluous. But flavors and sugar, though they will improve the taste of the drink, but will not bring any benefit and therefore will be superfluous.

Examine the packaging. The best option is a cardboard bag with an inner foil layer (in such juices, milk, kefir and other beverages are sold). It will retain all the benefits and protect the contents from exposure to light, which is undesirable, and in some cases unacceptable. The container must be intact and completely sealed. Find the production date and shelf life on the packaging. Remember that vegetable milk cannot be stored for long. After opening it should be drunk within one to three days.

If you were unable to find soy milk on the shelves of the stores, do not despair. Just buy the main ingredient and prepare a healthy drink at home with your own hands!

How can I cook?

Cooking vegetable milk is not at all a complicated process that everyone will master. We offer drink recipes:

  1. Clean the glass of almonds (it will be easier to do this if you hold the nuts in hot water for a minute), pour three glasses of water and leave for five to six hours.Then grind the product in a blender, add 2-3 cups of warm water, again grind everything and squeeze it through gauze.
  2. Oats (you can replace it with oat flakes, but not fast cooking) pour two or three glasses of warm water, leave for the night. The next morning, grind the mixture with a blender, and then through the gauze rolled up several times.
  3. Soybeans soak in cool water for twelve hours. Liquid periodically drain, removing softening husks. Then, every hundred grams of raw materials, pour two glasses of water, chop everything in a blender, and then boil for about twenty minutes, stirring and removing the foam. Cool beverage and strain.
  4. Pour a glass of coconut chips with three glasses of hot water and let it sit for three or four hours. Crush the mixture with a blender, and then squeeze through gauze well. Oilcake can be reused.
  5. 200 g of pumpkin peeled seeds for an hour, pour warm water in the volume of two glasses, then grind the composition and squeeze through a cloth or gauze.
  6. Pour a glass of poppy seeds overnight with 700 ml of warm water. Crush the mixture in the morning, then strain and squeeze well.

Tip: to improve the taste, you can add agave nectar, honey, dried fruits.

Be sure to try the vegetable milk and cook it with your own hands!

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